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NameTelephone NumberOffice NumberRoleCampus
Prof S du Toit011 559 2628A-Ring 718Vice-Dean Research Innovation & Internationalization; ProfessorAPK
Prof J Calitz011 559 2142A-Ring 720HOD: Mercantile Law; Associate ProfessorAPK
Prof EA Fredericks011 559 4317A-Ring 425HOD: Practical Business Law; Associate ProfessorAPK
Dr MM van Eck011 559 3727A-Ring 630aHOD: Private Law; Senior LecturerAPK
Prof ES Fourie011 559 3871A-Ring 704HOD: Public Law; ProfessorAPK
Prof DS de Villiers011 559 2120A-Ring 703HOD: Criminal Law & Procedure; ProfessorAPK APK
Dr G Bouwers011 559 4569A-Ring 710HOD: Procedural Law; Senior LectureAPK
Prof AE Boniface011 559 3440A-Ring 628Associate ProfessorAPKAPK
Prof MR Phooko011 559 4017A-Ring 723Associate ProfessorAPK
Prof M van Staden011 559 4017A-Ring 715Associate ProfessorAPK
Prof EA Fredericks011 559 4317A-Ring 425Associate ProfessorAPK
Prof RW Alberts011 559 2122A-Ring 719ProfessorAPK
Prof KE Van der Linde011 559 2145A-Ring 717ProfessorAPK
Prof C Hugo011 559 2145A-Ring 711ProfessorAPK
Prof MM Watney011 559 2123A-Ring 706ProfessorAPK
Prof JM Otto011 559 2520A-Ring 427Professor  of International Commercial LawAPK
Prof IM Rautenbach011 559 2124A-Ring 628Professor: Department of Public LawAPK
Prof HA Strydom011 559 2468A-Ring 705ProfessorAPK
Prof D Bilchitz011 559 1994SAIFAC, Con. HillProfessor, Director: SIAFACAPK
Prof T Legwaila011 559 3813A-Ring 724ProfessorAPK
Prof JL Neels011 559 2520A-Ring 427Professor of International Commercial LawAPK
Dr EJ Marais011 559 3846A-Ring 701ASenior LecturerAPK
Ms ML du Preez011 559 2897A-Ring 721Senior LecturerAPK
Dr WN Nel011 559 2121A-Ring 709Senior LecturerAPK
Dr F Khan011 559 2027A-Ring 708Senior LecturerAPK
Dr J Hall011 559 2381A-Ring 701ASenior LecturerAPK
Dr S Huneberg011 559 4117A-Ring 629ASenior LecturerAPK
Dr S Ncube011 559 3217A-Ring 630Senior LecturerAPK
Dr R Venter011 559 4317A-Ring 702Senior LecturerAPK
Dr M Roux011 559 4019A-Ring 705Senior LecturerAPK
Prof Daniel Makundwaneyi Madyira011 559 4030B4 Lab 218Senior Lecturer
Dr W Rosenberg011 559 2609A-Ring 628LecturerAPK
Ms M Rostoll011 559 4533A-Ring 633LecturerAPK
Ms K Mokoena011 559 4202A-Ring 634LecturerAPK
Ms C Johannes011 559 4468A-Ring 712LecturerAPK
Mr S Reddy011 559 4117A-Ring 629ALecturerAPK
Ms S Ngcobo011 559 5577ACD 205LecturerAPK
Ms S Hassen011 559 5206Ellen Kuzwayo Building, ACD 205LecturerSWC
Ms N Ismail011 559 5204Ellen Kuzwayo Building, ACD 207LecturerSWC
Ms L van der Merwe011 559 1486F Purple 27Lecturer
Ms DB Kgori011 559 1486F Purple 27Lecturer
Mr SS Nkosi011 559 5205Ellen Kuzwayo Building, ACD 209LecturerSWC
Dr A Munyai011 559 4101A-Ring 713LecturerAPK
Ms R Cachalia011 559 4049A-Ring 710LecturerAPK
Ms M Finn011 559 4101A-Ring 713nGAP LecturerAPK
Mr J Lenong011 559 4753A-Ring 704ALecturerAPK
Mr Magiel VermeulenLecturer
Mr Musawenkosi Mafulela011 559 9000Lecturer
Dr Yvette Joubert011 559 2915A-Ring 721Lecturer
Ms J Maholo011 559 5204Lecturer ( Assistant)APK
Ms M Brits011 559 2662A-Ring 734Senior Faculty OfficerAPK
Ms M van Wyk011 559 2117A-Ring 729Senior Faculty OfficerAPK
Ms M Banks011 559 2151A-Ring 730Faculty OfficerAPK
Ms PB Pullen Lalla011 559 5211ACD/210Faculty Officer: Practical Business Law
Ms A Ramulongo011 559 3843A-Ring 736Faculty Officer: Postgraduate
Adv M Royan011 559 2889A-Ring 615Senior Manager (CEP)APK
Ms N Naidoo011 559 2633DirectorAPK
Mr I Moagi011 559 2037A-Ring 2037Financial Officer (CEP)APK
Ms A Beyl011 559 5190Law Clinic Principal AttorneyAPK
Ms E Radley011 559 5190Law Clinic Principal AttorneyDFC
Mr ER Hart011 559 5194Clinic AttorneySWC
Ms Gökşen Effendi011 559 2581Clinic Attorney
Mr I Matlatsi011 559 3754A-Ring 617GCourse Coordinator (CEP)APK
Ms N Cullinan011 559 3838A-Ring 617HCourse Coordinator (CEP)APK
Ms E du Plessis011 559 2328A-Ring 617FCourse Coordinator (CEP)APK
Ms E Squire011 559 2758A-Ring 2758Course Coordinator (CEP)APK
Ms B Mpofu011 559 3982A-Ring 617ACourse Coordinator (CEP)APK
Prof GN Barrie011 559 4569A-Ring 713Emeritus ProfessorAPK
Prof R MalherbeEmeritus ProfessorAPK
Ms EM Booysen011 559 2837A-Ring 714Departmental SecretaryAPK
Ms T Engelbrecht011 559 2020A-Ring 701Departmental SecretaryAPK
Ms T Jacobs011 559 1199Office H Purple 6Departmental SecretaryAPK
Ms Nokwanda Shabangu011 559 2771A-Ring 636Departmental SecretaryAPK
Ms M Mpshane-Nkosi011 559 2132A-Ring 731Departmental Secretary
Ms M Maleka011 559 6763SecretaryDFC
Ms G Fakude011 559 5201Secretary
Ms M Otto011 559 4121Auckland Park Kingsway Campus, Masada BuildingAdministrative OfficerAPK
Ms SC Mokwena011 559 2141A-Ring 614Administrative (Assistant)APK
Ms W Kokwane011 559 3739A-Ring 614Receptionist (CEP)APK