• Do not walk in public while displaying any valuables.
  • You make yourself a target if you walk with earphones in your ears. Immediately you show would-be criminals that you have a cellphone on you. You are also unable to hear if cars/people approach you from behind.
  • The University has due-care policies. Please familiarize yourself with them. Do not be negligent.
  • Do not fall victim to scammers on internet websites. Before you transfer money for accommodation over to a potential landlord, make sure that the landlord actually exists by visiting the house, speaking to other occupants and confirming that the business is legit!!!
  • Do not approach any vehicles that drive up next to you. There have been instances where a scammer presents himself as a priest or someone that offers you a job. Ignore them and walk to the nearest area with other people around. Robberies are happening during daytime. Young female students carrying luggage and or laptop bags (outside of campus) are being targeted in the Auckland Park / Melville / Hursthill areas.
  • A lot of our students stay in off campus accommodation. When your friend comes over for a visit, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES sit in the vehicle outside of the residence. You are making yourselves a target for a possible hijacking situation. Park the vehicle, go inside and when you are ready to leave, make sure no other vehicles are lingering around in the area.
  • Protect yourself by carrying on you at all times some form of self-defense mechanism. This can be in the form of pepper spray or a taser. Make sure you know how to use these items.
  • Walk in groups where possible, especially at night.
  • Please ensure that house alarms are armed before you leave the premises.
  • Always ensure that valuables and currency are locked away and out of sight.

Safety Tips and Policy Awareness


Download our PS SOP & Policy Awareness


Download for more safety tips and awareness

Contact Details

SAPS 10111
APK Security Control Room: 011 559 2555
DFC Security Control Room: 011 559 6085
SWC Security Control Room: 011 559 5555
APB Security Control Room: 011 559 1312

Please report all suspicious activity to our campus security control room in your area.

Important Information

Hijack hotspots
Setup hijack hotspot on phone

NameTelephone NumberCampus
Brixton Police011-248-5520APK & APB
Kliptown 011-945-5924SWC
Operations DivisionCampusName E-MailTelephone Number
PS OperationsAllTaariq Kageetkagee@uj.ac.za011-599-3103
Director Compliance, Risk and EnforcementAllBusisiwe Mtswenibmtsweni@uj.ac.za011-559-7662
Senior Manager: Systems and Access ControlAllDenny Chitsakadchitsaka@uj.ac.za011-559-6975
Access ControlAllDunisani Miyambodmiyambo@uj.ac.za011-559-3759
Campus ManagerAPKHlalele Lisenehlalelel@uj.ac.za011-559-3121
AdministratorAPKMary Nemaoranimnemaorani@uj.ac.za011-559-2997
Campus ManagerAPBChris Morianacmoriana@uj.ac.za011-559-1026
AdministratorAPBVasthi van Rooyenvvanrooyen@uj.ac.za011-559-1017
Campus ManagerDFCIsaiah Ramakgoloramoshibihlar@uj.ac.za011-559-6477
Administrator DFCGugu Budaguguthathab@uj.ac.za011-559-6432
Campus ManagerSWCWellington Ngubanewngubane@uj.ac.za011-559-5523
AdministratorSWCElizabeth Lebeaemlebea@uj.ac.za011-559-5441
Event Risk ManagerAllConrad van der Horstconradvdh@uj.ac.za011-559-7575
Coordinator EventsAllZine Buthelezizineb@uj.ac.za011-559-2552
Manager InvestigationsAllTebello Malatsitemalatsi@uj.ac.za011-559-2334
InvestigatorAllGrace Dubegnkosi@uj.ac.za 011-559-3128
InvestigatorAllAmanda Strydomastrydom@uj.ac.za011-559-4299
Central Control RoomAllOperatorapkcentral@uj.ac.za011-559-7605/6/7/8/9


Mr Andre Arendse

Senior Director

Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 3127
Email: aarendse@uj.ac.za

Issabella De Klerk


Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 3147
Email: ideklerk@uj.ac.za

​Safe route maps for all campuses

​GPS co-ordinates of all PS offices


Apk Security

C/of Kingsway and University Road
Auckland Park
Library Bridge Cellar
Ground floor
26°11’00.2″S 27°59’58.1″E
-26.183381, 27.999476


Dfc Security

37 Nind street
Ground floor
Office G01
26°11’32.4″S 28°03’27.2″E
-26.192335, 28.057549


Apb Security

15 Bunting road
Protection Services Building
1st floor
Office 102
26°11’20.3″S 28°00’58.6″E
-26.188964, 28.016279


Swc Security

Chris Hani Road
Administration Building Block D (uKhamba)
Ground floor
Office ADD 119
26°15’41.4″S 27°55’27.3″E
-26.261510, 27.924257