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Important information

  • Advanced Diploma qualifications are classified as undergraduate. It is however processed (administratively) as a postgraduate qualification due to previous studies involved and different application closing dates.
  • Applicants can apply either online (FREE) or via hardcopy (R200.00).  If you wish to submit a hardcopy, please feel free to contact our Call Centre at 011 559 4555 or send an email to for further assistance.
  • In some instances research Masters and Doctoral students are expected to pre-register. Please refer to the specific Faculty/College information to determine whether you need to pre-register.
  • Please consult the relevant Faculty/College yearbook to ensure you meet the minimum entrance requirements before applying.
  • Applicants may only apply for two study choices per academic year. These study choices may not be amended once they have been chosen.
  • The University of Johannesburg does simultaneous admissions. Therefore, should an applicant qualify for both choices, the applicant may be admitted/conditionally admitted/provisionally selected for both choices. In cases where an applicant has been admitted for both choices, it is up to the applicant to decide for which qualification they want to register. The alternative choice not registered for, will then be automatically be cancelled/declined.
  • Before you submit your online application and upload/email documents, please visit the relevant faculty/department website to confirm additional documentation that may be required e.g. departmental application form, CV, motivation, thesis etc.
  • Applicants transferring from another university/tertiary institution are required to upload a full academic record/transcript and degree/diploma certificate (if applicable). Please refer to “Document upload requirements when applying online” below for more information on uploading of documents.
    Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications towards Clinical and Counselling Psychology are requested to apply directly to the Department.
  • To verify or update your cell number/email details – contact the UJ Call Centre on 011 559 4555.
  • The University of Johannesburg would like to alert you that there are individuals /companies claiming to work for, or with the University of Johannesburg and are charging a fee to assist with applications. Online applications are free and we caution you to not fall victim to such a scam.

Checklist for applying

  • Valid email address (Gmail or Yahoo mail account).
  • Document upload requirements when applying online (not applicable to applicants currently in grade 12 or internal transfer/Senior applicants):
    • All documents must be certified
    • Ensure that the scanned file is a maximum of 512KB
    • Documents are scanned in any of the following types – tiff, pdf, jpg or gif
    • Each document must be scanned and uploaded as separate attachments
  • Alternatively, documents can be emailed to with the provisional reference/student number noted in the subject line of the email.


Only for first-time undergraduate and postgraduate entering applicants
Open: 1 April 2024
Close: 31 October 2024 @ 12:00

All postgraduate programmes (Except for programmes listed below)
Close: 31 October 2024 @ 12:00
MEng/MPhil in Engineering Management (Course work)
Close: 30 September 2024 @ 12:00
BEd Hons (Educational Psychology)
MEd Educational Psychology
Close: 23 June 2024 @ 12:00

Postgraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)
Close: 31 August 2024 @ 12:00

MA Clinical Psychology
MA Counselling Psychology
Close: 14 June 2024 @12:00

BA Hons in Psychology
BSc Hons in Psychology
Open: 1 July 2024
Close: 30 September 2024 @12:00

AdvDip in Business Management
BA Hons in Human Resource Management
BA Hons in Industrial Psychology
BCom Hons in Financial Planning
BCom Hons in Human Resource Management
BCom Hons in Industrial Psychology
BComHons in Information Systems
BCom Hons in Investment Management
BCom Hons in Marketing Management
BCom Hons in Strategic Management
BCom Hons in Property Valuation and Management
BCom Hons in Quantitative Finance
Masters of Sustainability Management
MCom in Accounting (RD)
MCom in Auditing (RD)
MCom in Computer Auditing (CW) – (if offered)
MCom in Finance (CW)
MCom in Financial Management (RD)
MCom in International Accounting (CW) – (if offered)
MCom in Investment Management (RD)
MCom/MPhil in Industrial Psychology
MCom in SA & International Taxation (CW) – (if offered)
MCom in SA & International Taxation (RD)
MCom in Quantitative Finance (RD)
PhD in Accounting
PhD Accounting with specialisation in Accounting and Finance
PhD in Auditing
PhD in Finance
PhD in Industrial Psychology
PhD in Taxation

Close: 30 September 2024 @ 12:00