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Registration dates

  • Registrations are closed for new undergraduate students. The few outstanding registrations for international students are being dealt with on a case-by-case manner and need to be concluded by Friday morning, 18 February 2022.

  • Continuing students (undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students) have until Sunday 20 February 2022 to register, subject to the availability of spaces.

  • Coursework master’s  students who only need to register for minor dissertation to complete their studies, have until 25 February 2022 to register.

  • Full research master’s and doctoral students have until 31 March 2022 to register, subject to the availability of spaces.

Vaccination Information for students

  • All Employees to be at least partially vaccinated by 01 February 2022; and to be fully vaccinated by 15 March 2022.

  • All Students to be at least partially vaccinated by 14 February 2022; and to be fully vaccinated by 31 March 2022.

Staff and students can upload their proof of vaccination on Under “COVID-19 Services”, select “UJ Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccine Disclosure Facility”.  Follow this link for more information

Executive communiqué – Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination – Implementation protocol

Mandatory Vaccination Implementation Protocol – 03 February 2022

Student vaccination reminder  (02 February 2022)

Students FAQs 10 Feb 2022

Letter to Students 10 Feb 2022

Mandatory vaccination – Exemption applications open until 9 March 2022


Ways to return to campus in 2022

Uj Vaccinationsforstudents Infographic (002)

Residential Registration Information

  • Returning/continuing students’ registration in respect of Diploma, Degree, Honours and Course Work Masters programmes commences on 17 January 2022 until 11 February 2022 (only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).
    • Access cards for senior students will be automatically activated after registration.
  • First-year undergraduate students registration commences on 21 January 2022 and closes on 11 February 2022 (only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).
    • First-Year students only need to come onto campus to collect their student cards. Students can collect their student card at any campus during the registration period. To gain access to campus, you will need your printed proof of registration and an ID or driver’s license.
  • If you are under the age of 18 on the day you register, you and your parent/guardian should sign the Academic Registration Rules Regulations and Indemnity and send the completed form to the Student Enrolment Centre at before you will be able to register. Please follow this link to access the form: DOWNLOAD NOW

Registration Information Letters

Steps to register online:


Registration information guide:

Registration Information Guide 2022

Registration Surveys

Kindly complete one of the registration surveys below to assist us in enhancing the UJ student registration.

Off Campus

On Campus

Library fines:

Students can pay library fines online. However we can only lift blocks placed on students three days after payment as we need to receive these funds before the block is lifted.

Payment of library fines:

Please follow this link for banking details to pay your fine into the University account: LIBRARY FINES BANKING DETAILS


College of Business and Economics:

Kingsway campus:

011 559 2492 or or 011 559 2475 or

Bunting Road campus:

011 559 1348 or or 011 559 1244 or

Soweto campus:

011 559 5559 or or 011 559 5709 or


011 559 5562 or

Engineering and the Built Environment:

Kingsway campus:

011 559 3298 or

Doornfontein campus:

011 559 6811 or

Health Science


011 559 2141 or


Kingsway Campus:

011 559 4562 or

Doornfontein Campus:

011 559 6349 or

Art, Design & Architecture:

011 559 1098 or

Faculty of Humanities

Staff Member

Undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees

Mrs Tebogo Motaung
011 559 5516

Student surnames starting with: A – F

Masters MPhil Social Policy and Development
Honours, Masters and Doctorates in African Languages; Afrikaans; English; French; Greek and Latin Studies; Linguistics; Cultural Studies; Applied Linguistics; Urban Studies

Ms Laurinda Van Den Berg
011 559 4625

Student surnames starting with: G – K

Study-abroad programmes

Honours, Masters and Doctorates in Industrial Sociology; Social Impact Assessment; Sociology

Mrs Amanda Mbozana
011 559 3644

Student surnames starting with: L – MAB

Honours, Masters and Doctorates in Politics and International Relations

Extra-curricular programmes

Rev Deon Botman

Student surnames starting with: MAC – MAQ

Honours, Masters and Doctorates in Journalism, Film and Television; Religion Studies

Postgraduate marks and assessment matters

Ms Mercial Samms

Student surnames starting with: MAR – ME

Honours in Communication Studies (surnames A – Mi) ; Honours in Psychology (surnames A – Me); Masters in Psychology (Research); Counselling Psychology (Coursework)

Doctorates in Communication Studies

Mr Ismail Fadal
011 559 3232

Student surnames starting with: MF – MOM

Honours in Communication Studies (surnames Mj – Z); Honours in Psychology (surnames Mf – Z); Masters in Fundamental Communication (Research) ; Clinical Psychology (Coursework)

Doctorates in Psychology

Mr Edward Legoale
011 559 2576

Student surnames starting with: MON – NC

Honours in Social Policy, Community Development

Masters in Clinical Social Work; Community Development

Doctorates in Social Work

Ms Hape Setloboko
011 559 2197

Student surnames starting with: SEL – TSH

PG Progress Reports; and Assists with: Bursaries Honours/Masters and Doctorates; Postdoc Registrations

Ms Manuela Mackay
011 559 2051

Student surnames starting with: ND – NT

Undergraduate Graduations

Honours – Historical Studies; African Studies; Strategic Communication

Masters – Historical Studies; Corporate Communication; Strategic Communication

Doctorates – Historical Studies; Strategic Communication

Postgraduate Graduations

Mrs Rene Jordaan
011 559 2660

Undergraduate marks and assessment matters

Honours, Masters and Doctorates – Development Studies

SHDC Submissions

Mr Aphiwe Somabhele
011 559 2197

Student surnames starting with: NU – SEK

PG Progress Reports; and Assists with: Bursaries Honours/Masters and Doctorates; Postdoc Registrations