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Registration dates

Please note that registrations for certain programmes where there is still a small number of spaces available have been extended until Friday, 23 February 2024.

This arrangement is for admitted students and is subject to space availability.

UJ implements Facial Recognition for a Secure Registration

In a significant stride towards ensuring secure and fraud-resistant registration processes, the University of Johannesburg has integrated facial recognition technology into its registration process.

As part of the registration process, all new students will receive an SMS to follow a personalised link to do a facial recognition verification.

Click here to view a sample of the SMS that will be recieved.


Registration Information Letters

Fraudulent activities outside and Inside University premises.

We alert all our students of the scavengers’ activities that are happening within and outside our campuses. These activities are happening in the form of scams and fraud.

It has come to our attention that there are individuals who pose as university employees or student representatives in an attempt to defraud our students. These individuals will promise to assist students with academic space, bursaries, student accommodation and or registration assistance in an exchange of cash. Once they are given the money, they will either vanish without trace or use fraudulent credit cards in carrying out their promises, the credit card transaction will at the end be reversed leaving the students with enormous debt.

The University of Johannesburg is a cashless environment, and no amount of money must be given to any of our staff members or students representatives to get any assistance. Students and parents are urged to always be alert and to only interact with the university using the official platforms. We also urge them to report any suspicious activities to our fraud line.

Tel: 0800 872 846

Steps to register online:

2023 Registration Guide

Registration information guide:

Registration Survey:

In alignment with UJ’s unwavering dedication to supporting our students, we have initiated a registration survey. Your valuable feedback will enable us to refine

and customise our offerings to better address the needs of our students. Kindly take a moment to participate in our customer experience survey and share your

insights with us. Upon completion of the survey, you will automatically be entered into a draw, offering five students the opportunity to receive financial assistance

(R1,000) towards their tuition for the 2024 academic year.

Your details will only be used for  authentication purposes and entry into the draw.

If you have registered online, Off-Campus, Click here

If you have registered online, On-Campus, Click here

Library fines and payment:

Students can pay library fines online. However we can only lift blocks placed on students three days after payment as we need to receive these funds before the block is lifted.

Please follow this link for banking details to pay your fine into the University account: LIBRARY FINES BANKING DETAILS


011 559 1098 or

Kingsway campus:

011 559 2492 or or 011 559 2475 or or 011 559 3861 or

Bunting Road campus:

011 559 1348 or or 011 559 1244 or 

Soweto campus:

011 559 5709 or 

011 559 5562 or

Kingsway campus: – Front Desk, Letters, QVS, Sick notes, F7 appeals -Department of Electrical Engineering Science – Department of Mechanical Engineering Science – Department of Civil Engineering Science


Doornfontein campus: – SLP Coordination – Department of Civil Engineering Technology – Department of Mining – Department of Construction Management – Department of Quality and Operations Management – Department of Electrical Technology & Department of Urban and Regional Planning – Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Bunting Road Campus:  – Nkhensani Ngobeni – School of Engineering Management

General enquiries

011 559 6925

Undergraduate Qualifications 
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Bachelor of Optometry
  • National Diploma in Biomedical Technology (Phasing Out)
  • Diploma in Sport Management
  • National Diploma Sport Management (Phasing Out)

Mr Lwazi Dlomo


Tel: 011 559 6705

  • BHS in Chiropractic
  • BHS in Emergency Medical Care
  • Diploma in Emergency Medical Care
  • Advanced Certificate in  Medical RescueBachelor of Environmental Health

Ms Gugulakhe Mahlangu


Tel:011 559 9210

  • BHS in Complementary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • BCur Undergrad (Phasing Out)
  • BHS in Podiatry

Ms Kgaugelo Lephadi


Tel:011 559 6223

  • Bachelor of Diagnostic Radiography
  • Bachelor of Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Bachelor of Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Bachelor of Radiation Therapy

Ms Pansy Masala


Tel: 011 559 6707

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Sport Management
  • BHS in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Bachelor of Biokinetics

Ms Thobile Ngwenya – Folaranmi


Tel: 011 559 6037

  • Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care.
  • Higher Certificate in Sport Coaching & Exercise Science
  • Higher Certificate in Sport Administration

Ms Thobeka Ngobeni


Tel: 011 559 6992

Postgraduate Qualifications  
Honours and Postgraduate Diploma 
  • BCom Hons Sport Management
  • BA Hons Sport Science
  • PGDip in Acupuncture
  • PGDip in Phytotherapy
  • PGDip in Clinical Simulation (online)

Ms Debbie Makola


Tel: 011 559 6706

  • PGDip in Midwifery
  • PGDip in Critical Care
  • PGDip in Nursing Education
  • PGDip in Health Services Management
  • PGDip in Primary Care Nursing
  • PGDip in Occupational Health

Ms Dikeledi Dire


Tel: 011 559 6050

Masters and Doctoral 
Masters and Doctoral

Ms Raihaanah Pieterse- McKay


Tel: 011 559 6073

Master of Public Health (Online)

Ms Elizabeth van der Berg


Tel: 011 5596704

Staff Member

Undergraduate and Postgraduate portfolios

(All matters from admissions, registrations through to graduations)

(; 011559-4301)



  • Honours in Psychology
  • BA in  Strategic Communication: Corporate
  • BA in Development Studies
  • BA in School Subjects
  • Short Learning Programmes (All departments, other than Politics and International Relations)
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging S – Z)
  • Non Degree Purposes Applications (NDP applications)


FADAL, Ismail
(; 011559-3232)


  • Masters and Doctorates in Psychology
  • Public Relations Diploma (Main stream)


(; 011559-2660)


  • All postgraduate degrees in Anthropology and Development Studies
  • BA Community Development and Leadership
  • BA in Language Practice
  • BA in Social Sciences
  • BA in Strategic Communication Marketing


MACKAY, Manuela
(; 011559-2051)


  • All postgraduate degrees in Strategic Communication and History
  • Advanced Diplomas
  • BA in Psychology
  •  Public Relations Diploma (Extended)


RALGANE, Afika currently acting (; 011559-3600)


  • All postgraduate degrees in LANCSAL and African Languages
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging NG – R)


MAGODLA Nonhlanhla; 011559-2576)


  • All postgraduate degrees in English; and Social Work
  • BA in Journalism
  • BA in Politics and International Relations
  • BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging MAN – MOG)


SAMMS, Mercial (; 011559-4785


  • All postgraduate degrees in Communication and Media and Religion
  • BA in Language Practice (Pipeline curricula)
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging K – MAM)
  • F7/7F Appeals Committee Secretariat


SOMABHELE, Aphiwe (; 011-559-2197)


  • All postgraduate degree in Politics and International Relations
  •  B Social Work
  • Short Learning Programmes (Politics and International Relations)


VAN DEN BERG, Laurinda (; 011559-4625)


  • All postgraduate degrees in Sociology
  • BA in Film and Television (Pipeline curricula)
  • BA in Communication and Languages (Pipeline curricula)
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging A – J)
  • In-bound/out-bound student programmes


MILANZI, Ayanda (; 011559-7331)


  • All postgraduate degrees in Philosophy
  • BA general (Student surnames ranging MOH – NE)
  • Faculty Bursaries: Honours bursaries and Masters/Doctorate SLB


SETLOBOKO, Hape (; 011-559-2197)
  • BA PET
  • Management of APS waiting lists together with the HFA during registration monitoring


NHLAPO, Ndumiso (; 011-559-2197)


  • Requests for academic transcripts
  • Requests for academic transcript supplements
  • Requests for student letters, such as visa renewal letters etc.
  • Mentor: Humanities students living with disabilities


VAN WYK, Ester (; 011-559-2701)

MBOZANA, Ayabulela (; 011-559-2653)

  • BA Extended Degrees


Undergraduate Degrees, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas – or 011 559 4562 or 011 559 2547

Honours –

Masters and Doctoral – and

011 559 2141 or

Kingsway and Soweto Campus: Mr Tshepang Marumo, +27 (0) 11 559 2096 or

Kingsway Campus: Mrs Mampou Ngqumshe, +27 (0) 11 559 4517 or

Kingsway Campus: Ms Shantelle Sass, +27 (0) 11 559 7780 or

Doornfontein Campus: Mr Thabang Mothebe, +27 (0) 11 559 6510 or

Bunting Road Campus: Ms Palesa Makwela, +27 (0) 11 559 1027 or

Post Doctoral Fellows: Ms Ziyanda Sam +27(0) 11 559 4099 or