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Academic Regulations 2022 Reference Documents

Work Integrated and Service Learning (Approved 2014)
UJ Undergrad Prospectus 2022
UJ Statute (2019)
UJ Research Strategy (Approved 2020)
Tutoring and Tutors (Approved 2019)
Teaching and Module Evaluation (Approved June 2021)
Teaching and Learning (Approved 2016)
Student-Supervisor Relationship (Approved 2021)
Students Complaints Lodging Flow Chart
Short Learning Programmes (Approved 2019)
Research Data Management (Approved 2021)
Regulations for Student Discipline (Approved 2011)
Registration (Approved 2019)
Recognition of Prior Learning (Approved 2019)
Prevention and Management of Student Sexual Harassment and Rape (Approved 2018)
POPI Act 2013
Plagiarism Policy (Approved June 2021)
People with Disabilities (Approved 2020)
Online Framework (Approved 2016)
Management of Pregnant Students (Approved 2011)
Learning Resources (Approved 2017)
Language Policy (Approved 2019)
Intellectual Property (approved 2007)
Higher Education Act 101 of 1997
Higher Degrees Administration Structures and Processes (Approved 2019)
Higher Degrees (Approved 2016)
Handling of Student Complaints (Approved 2020)
Guidelines on theses and dissertation in article format (Approved 2015)
Guidelines Authorship Research Output (Approved Feb 2008)
Graduation Ceremonies (Approved 2019)
General standard to serve on UJ structures or participate in UJ activities (Approved 2019)
Disciplinary Procedure and Disciplinary Code Guideline – (Approved 2020)
Deceased Students and Employees (Approved 2013)
Collaborative Masters and Doctoral degrees with partner Higher Education Institutions (Approved 2018)
Code of Academic and Research Ethics (Approved 2021)
Authorship Policy (March 2021)
Assessment (Approved 2019)
Admission of Students via Senate Discretionary Conditional Exemption (Approved 2016)
Admission and Selection (Approved 2019)
Admission and Placement of Residence students (Approved 2020)
Academic Programme (Approved 2021)
Academic Certification and Related Matters (Approved 2019)
Fraud Prevention Policy (Approved Nov 2021)