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Welcome to the Postgraduate School (PGS)

On behalf of the employees and management, we welcome you to the Postgraduate School (PGS), where we want to assist you with all things postgraduate and postdoctoral.  We are here to ensure that our assistance to you will make your UJ experience a memorable one.

Our school comprises of four divisions namely, PBMR, PFM, RCD, and STATKON that work in tandem to render the best service possible.  We passionately believe in our societal influence, thus we hope you will visit us and use our quiet space, the common room, to focus on your studies.

Furthermore, we provide a variety of workshops/ seminars/ trainings in physical, online, and hybrid formats to ensure that you are well informed and equipped with enough information to make your journey with us a success.

With that said, the PGS wishes you all the best for the 2024 academic year!

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