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The University of Johannesburg has set itself the strategic goal of achieving global excellence and stature. Since its inception in 2010 the Postgraduate School has evolved into a postgraduate development platform that is dedicated to improving key performance indicators related to postgraduate success. It contributes to the creation of a research-enabling environment through the provision of funding and research capacity development opportunities. Originally established as the Postgraduate Centre (PGC) the PGS was formed after benchmarking international best practice followed by robust engagement within the University.

The Postgraduate school has 4 departments, namely:

  • Postgraduate Fund Management (PFM)
  • Research Capacity Development (RCD)
  • Statistical Consultation Services (STATKON)
  • Policy, Benchmarking, Monitoring & Research (PBMR)

The mandate of the new University of Johannesburg Postgraduate School (UJPGS) is a result of a collaborative process that aims to balance international best practice with the unique requirements of UJ. The vision of the UJPGS is ‘A school of excellence dedicated to UJ postgraduate development and performance’.

The goals for the UJPGS are to:

  • Deliver on UJPGS vision and mission in accordance with the vision, mission and values of UJ, in collaboration with faculties, while adhering to the principles of good governance defined by the legal-managerial framework of the University.
  • Conceptualise and annually update UJPGS strategy in terms of faculty needs, ultimately aiming at improving the UJ postgraduate value chain.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage UJPGS resources in improving the UJ postgraduate portfolio.
  • Serve and support postgraduates holistically through a single, highly accessible Point of contact, thus serving to advance their progress and success.
  • Develop and promote a UJ postgraduate culture.

Farewell  message from our Senior Director Professor Annah Moteetee