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​Human resource management entails a strategic and integrated approach to the management of an organisation’s most valuable assets – the people – as they individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the core business objectives.

The Human Resources Division as it progressively stretches on its human resources maturity scale to relocate and redefine its role as key strategic partner and core business​ ally, commits to continuously provide excellent client focused service and to deliver quality business results. The Division upholds the ‘people first’ philosophy as well as the responsibility in promoting the UJ brand in its role as the face of UJ and first point of contact for entry employees.

The Division primarily meets its strategic goals by attracting, professionally developing and maintaining employees and also assisting faculties and divisions to manage them effectively. We continually strive to grow our own capacity to positively contribute to the rich and diverse UJ culture.

With Human Resources being a dynamic, ever-evolving function within the University, we embrace transformation and development within our own structure to ultimately best
serve the institution, our community and to live the UJ Brand. ​​