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The University for Johannesburg (UJ) prides itself in that 90% of its graduates are meaningfully absorbed into the job market within the first year of graduation. Through the UJ Student Entrepreneurship Project, the Centre for Entrepreneurship envisions to change that story to “90% of the UJ graduates start and run their own businesses while still at university; generating a pipeline of highly innovative and future-fit start-ups upon graduation.” This we achieve by increasing the participation of early-stage entrepreneurs at university level, entrenching a culture which inculcates and fosters entrepreneurial spirit among young university students.

With the student entrepreneurship project, JBSCE is on a drive to inject the entrepreneurial DNA in the student community by fostering an entrepreneurship culture, environment, tools and resources to help student entrepreneurs to think-start-validate; thus, think up a business idea that solves an immediate challenge, start with the minimum viable product and validate till it reached product-market fit state. In support, University provides the following resources: R&D, IP commercialisation office, technology transfer, accredited learning and access to faculty experts, corporate partners, mentors, coaches and industry experts.

This Programme Helps Student Entrepreneurs With :

  • Problem Solving
  • Ideation
  • Building a minimum viable product
  • Continuous idea and/business validation
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Start-up weekends
  • Safe environment to fail and re-start
  • Access to funding opportunities
  • Pitching
  • Networking sessions with industry captains
  • Access to start-up communities locally and internationally Cost:
  • The programme is at no cost to the UJ student entrepreneurs.

Entrance Requirement:

Full-time UJ student that are

Programme Duration:

Each development intervention has varied duration.

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