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The Public and Environment Economic Research Centre (PEERC) at the University of Johannesburg was established in the year 2017 and is dedicated to basic, applied and strategic research in environmental economics. Governments and development agencies have now recognized the key role of environmental assets for sustainable development. This increased focus to the healthy environment has clearly shifted the fiscal debates around the world to policies that promote effective incorporation of environmental concerns into development decision-making. Against this background, the University of Johannesburg with key strategic governmental and non-governmental PARTNERS have established the Public and Environmental Economics Research Centre (PEERC) hosted by the  School of Economics (SOE) within the  College of Business and Economics (CBE).

With the general agreement that environment and development are no longer mutually exclusive, PEERC has the dual mission of knowledge creation and dissemination in the fields of public and environmental economics. Its RESEARCH agenda includes – but not limited to – Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations System, Public Finance, Tax Policy, Land Reform, Transport, Climate Change, Water, Energy, Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Conservation, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, waste disposal and recycling, Health Economics, Tourism Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics.