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Welcome to UJ’s School of Economics in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg.

Our core activity is to train economists in various fields of Economics (Financial Engineering, Industrial Economics and Trade Economics) so that they become the next generation leaders in the field of Economics and valuable assets for any organisation.

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The School of Economics (SoE) consists out of six distinct clusters namely:

Both the undergraduate and the Honour’s programmes are designed in such a manner that it prepares students (in terms of content and econometric skills) for the various magister programmes. Master’s programmes offered are:

  • Master’s in Financial Engineering
  • Master’s in Economics
  • Master’s in Local Economic Development
  • Master’s in Industrial Policy
  • Master’s in Competition and Regulation
  • Master’s in Development Economics

A full PhD programme is also offered by the SoE.

The full time staff compliment of SoE is 36 permanent lecturing staff members, 8 administrative staff members and 16 visiting Professors.