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All ongoing and completed PEERC Projects can be found here

Revision of the Pricing Strategy for Water Use Charges: Classification of social and commercial projects

The aim of the project was to provide further development of the concept and operationalization of the distinction between social and commercial infrastructure in the draft Pricing Strategy for Water Use Charges to finalize the current revised water pricing strategy draft

Full report available here

Putting People in the “People’s” Parliament

Scaling up inclusive participation in South African Legislatures to enhance democratic oversight. An EU-funded project with PEERC being one of 5 co-applicants.

Full report available here

Interdependence between climate change, agriculture, and migration: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

PEERC was awarded a research study grant from the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) to conduct research showing the interdependence between climate change, agriculture, and migration. The study aims to establish the link between climate change and agriculture on outmigration to South Africa, determine whether migration flows to South Africa are precipitation or temperature-sensitive, and determine whether there is a linear effect of precipitation and temperature on outmigration to South Africa.

Further evidence on the debate to shake off the South African Water Pricing System

The project intends to assess the performance of the current water pricing model against the new alternative pricing model in South Africa and suggest the ideal water pricing model suitable for implementation in the country. Research study conducted for the Water Research Commission ( WRC)

Investigate and analyze the impacts of the 0.5% global limits on the maximum Sulphur content allowed in bunker oil- Research study conducted for the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)

introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on vessel use in South Africa. The study was undertaken to assess the ultimate impact of this regulation on trade in South Africa.

Insight into Setting Sustainable Water Tariffs in South Africa

The primary aim and motivation for this study was to address some of the important gaps in the DWS guidelines related to the setting of water service retail tariffs and the overall design of the water service package. Research study conducted for the Water Research Commission (WRC)
Full report available here

Revisiting the Performance of Municipalities: New Data, New Insight and New Approaches

In this study, we assessed the suitability of two new approaches, namely Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), as tools for evaluating the efficiency of WSAs. Research study conducted for the Water Research Commission (WRC)
Full report available here

The Effects of Efficient Water Provision on Local Economies

This study presents a systematic application of efficiency analysis carried out on the South African water sector to assess the relative efficiency of WSAs. Research study conducted for the Water Research Commission (WRC)
Full report available here

Unlocking the Energy of Micro-digesters in South Africa

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) is reviewing the state of the micro-digester industry in South Africa and the impact of projects they have implemented during the last five years. Supported by University of Johannesburg´s Process, an Action Dialogue was facilitated with industry and subject experts to inform a roadmap for a sector development plan and engage with different stakeholders to foster collaboration.

Full action dialogue report available