Information and Knowledge Management

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Information has become an integral part of all aspects in modern-day life. Acquiring the necessary skills for the effective utilisation of information and information sources is imperative for every knowledge worker – from the highest level of governmental decision-making to the lowest decision-m​​aking individual entrepreneur.

Furthermore, the Internet is changing the way people communicate with one another, do business, exchange ideas, study and transmit information. We all know that the right inform​ation at the right time is essential for good decision-making. A working knowledge of the Internet and its applications, as well as the know-how of information management, therefore is an essential skill needed in the modern corporate world.

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management at UJ has responded to the challenges of these changes. We acknowledge the possibilities that exist in the new electronic information environment for a person to develop into an entrepreneur who can process and add value to information for financial gain, who can use information technology to achieve a competitive edge, and who can utilise information to improve productivity, create new marketing opportunities and identify challenges to develop new information products.​​​​