Why Study Information and Knowledge Management?

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Information and Knowledge Management as a Degree​

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management is dedicated to providing you with a practical introduction to Information and Knowledge Management, while encouraging a research culture in each and every student.

The Department joined the Faculty of Management in January 2005 and specialises in areas such as Records and Information Management, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence – just to name a few. Its unique approach to Information Management and functioning within the Knowledge Economy is highlighted by the fact that this Department is the only one of its kind in South Africa functioning under a Management Faculty and it is considered to be a leader in its field not only within South Africa, but worldwide.

Eight academic personnel members, each with a strong research culture, ensure that the Department delivers impressive and groundbreaking research outputs. Collaboration with key industry players guarantees that the Department is in tune with what the industry needs in terms of research and employees – and we deliver. Our monthly subject seminars allow industry members and academics to present colloquiums on subject-related issues and research, strengthening our contact with industry and ensuring that we deliver what they need.

Innovative thinking is a prerequisite when dealing with the Department of Information and Knowledge Management – a Department that strives to not only function, but be extraordinary in today’s Knowledge Economy and to be an academic department recognised globally for its excellence in the teaching and researching of Information and Knowledge Management.

What does this career offer?

Information Management as a subject will ensure that you have the skills to recognise, manage and add value to relevant information within any work environment.

This career choice will:

  • Ensure you can manage the most valuable commodities of our time: Information and Knowledge.
  • Provide you with information and knowledge management skills that will assist you in becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Teach you how to think strategically within an organisation, in order for you to establish a competitive advantage within that organisation.

Am I the right person for this career?

An information and knowledge manager:

  • Is an independent, creative thinker
  • Has a tendency to see value in unrelated information
  • Thrives on a challenge
  • Likes to work with people
  • Enjoys learning and knowing more
  • Is fascinated by what the Internet has to offer

What will I become?

  • An information manager
  • A records manager
  • A business intelligence analyst
  • An information consultant
  • A knowledge manager
  • A web manager
  • An information broker