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Welcome to the School of Management in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg.

The School of Management within the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg. UJ’s School of Management is set to become the management education centre of choice consisting of the Department of Business Management, Department of Finance and Investment Management, Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management and the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management.

The School further houses the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies – ITLS (Africa) and the DHET-NRF SARChI Chair in Entrepreneurship Education.The purpose of the School of Management is to “Design and continuously innovate a sustainable learning and research platform and experience in management skills where learners and faculty can feel safe, creative and connected through real time value creation through education”. The aim of positioning the school as the school of choice is to highlight management practice amongst the universities in South Africa, Africa and around the globe with an intention of bringing all the aspects of management together in a multi-disciplinary manner.

The School focuses its efforts in teaching, learning and research within the fields of management practice. A wide range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Continuing Education Programmes are offered through the different Departments under the broad banner of management related skills and competencies.

You are encouraged to browse the SA’s Management School of Choice website for additional information.