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As the School of Management’s newly appointed Director, Prof Drotskie’s vision is firmly aligned with the School’s purpose, which is to “design and continuously innovate a sustainable learning and research platform and experience in management skills where learners and faculty can feel safe, creative and connected through real time value creation through education.”

“My aim is to position the School as the school of choice in terms of management practice amongst the universities in South Africa, Africa and also globally. The intention is to bring all the aspects of management together in a multi-disciplinary manner and to see how we can get all of these disciplines to work together and add value within the School and in collaboration with other schools.”

As Director, Prof Drotskie also has a public role “to position UJ in the field of management and also become an opinion leader—to contribute to the debate about where management is going in the future and what can we do to contribute towards the country in terms of really getting people to have the right skills to work independently so that their enterprises and organisations can survive in this new world. When people decide where they want to get these skills, they must think of UJ and School of Management immediately.”

Although Prof Drotskie’s journey at UJ has just begun, one has the sense that staff and students alike will benefit from her leadership. “I believe very strongly in being a servant leader. I work very closely with my people, and I try to get to know them very well. I strive to lead, support and grow them and their well-being as well as the community that they serve. We can have a holistic impact on the people around us—it is not only about the individual but the whole community that they represent. That principle is very close to my heart, and I have applied it quite successfully so far in my career.”