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The purpose of Entrepreneurial Development Programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to formulate business ideas. Furthermore, to develop business plans and to implement and create viable business ventures that would enable prospective students, especially previously disadvantaged youth to become active participants in the economy. In addition, various life skill training is included as part of the programme to assist students to make informed decisions regarding their entrepreneurial development or career advancement.


  • Implement effective business communication in a business environment, both internally and externally.
  • Understand and discuss the fundamentals of marketing management.
  • Describe role of the compliance and explain the need for governance and control in relation to business
  • Understand the value-adding role of the human resources management (HRM) function in the organisation.
  • Apply the general management functions within the organisation.
  • Apply the fundamentals of finance management, basic costing and the relevant compliance for a small business.
  • Know and understand the interrelationship between operations function and other functions within an organisation.
  • Gain insight to the benefits of entrepreneurship and identify the viability of a specific business idea or innovation.
  • Describe and understand the definition of strategic management and be able to apply strategies and identify gaps in the market.
  • Demonstrate the added valued by the life skills as set out in the module.


1. Communications and Business Writing2
2. Introduction to Marketing Management2
3. Corporate Governance2
4. Fundamentals of Human Resources Management2
5. General Management2
6. Introduction to Financial Management and Cost Accounting2
7. Operations Management2
8. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation2
9. Basic principles of Strategic Management2
10. Life Skills (Professionalism, Time management, End-user computing, Social media for business, Sales techniques )4


Admission requirements

NQF Level 4 qualification, either:

  • Senior Certificate (2008 or earlier), OR
  • National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi (2009 or later) OR
  • National Certificate (Vocational) OR
  • An equivalent NQF4 level qualification


6 Months

For more infomation contact:

Ms Vongani Manganye

Tel: +27 (0)11 559 1778

Email: ujcfe@uj.ac.za

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