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The Asset-Based Socio-Economic Development (ABSED) programme, offered by the Johannesburg Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship (JBSCE) aims to challenge the conventional needs-based mind set, to encourage a more creative community-based development.


To think differently about yourself, your community and how you can make a difference.
Programme affordability.
Understand a new and exciting way to view community development and unlock the ability for communities and individuals to become sustainable.
Learn practical tools that you can use to make a difference and improve your impact in the developmental space.


  • The difference between a needs-based vs. assets-based approach and what is meant by citizen-led development;
  • The types of poverty;
  • The principles needed to move from community dependence to community self-reliance through a process of mapping skills;
  • Identifying and mobilising of assets;
  • Sustainability in the asset-based approach;
  • The use of tools to build economic literacy;
  • Stakeholder involvement clarification;
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Sustainability practices; and
  • Measurement tool.

Who should attend?

  • Development Workers
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Community Development Workers
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

Admission requirements

NQF Level 4 qualification, either:

  • Senior Certificate (2008 or earlier), OR
  • National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi (2009 or later) OR
  • National Certificate (Vocational) OR
  • An equivalent NQF4 level qualification


4 months

For more information on the programme contact us on:

Tel: +27 (0)11 559 1778


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