‚ÄčFinancial Management and Costing

The Financial Management and Costing is a 5 Day Programme aimed to prepare the small business practitioner with the fundamental knowledge, insight and the skills needed to plan and implement an appropriate financial costing practice within their business.

The programme consists of the following modules:

  • What Is Business All About (An Introduction)
  • Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail Or Are Successful
  • Small Business Costing Principles
  • The Break-Even Principle and Its Practices
  • Planning and Managing Income
  • Planning and Managing Direct Costs
  • Planning and Managing Indirect Costs (Overheads)
  • Ensuring Correct and Relevant Costing Information to Measure, Interpret and Manage Costs


  • R5000 per person
  • R2 500.00 own contribution if funded

    Entrance Criteria

    Programme Duration

    5 days

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