‚ÄčAdvanced Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

The UJ Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Johannesburg Business School is offering the Advanced Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation programme to give you knowledge, insight and skills relating to social economy.

Social entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial, innovative, and "transformatory" individuals who are also leaders, storytellers, people managers, visionary opportunists and alliance builders. They recognize a social problem and organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change. Leadbeater (1997)

This Programme Will Help You To:

  • Present and market your business                              
  • Social marketing and aspects of social media
  • Create an effective Business Plan                               
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Sustainable business practices                       
  • How to do financial projections
  • Develop Business growth strategies                            
  • Fundraising skills
  • Use Project management tools to                                
  • Identify and share your value proposition advance the business
  • Advance your business


On completion of this course, if all criteria is met you will be allowed entry into a three year Diploma in Small Business Management, access to a social economy network, industry experts and advice, knowledge and skills with practical examples.


R18 000.00

(registration fee plus payment plan can be arranged)

Entrance criteria:

  • Grade 12 (matric) with working experience in social economy.

Entrance criteria

  • social entrepreneur that manages a social enterprise,
  • a not-for-profit organisation
  • cooperative
  • stokvel or mutual societies

Programme duration:

1 year consisting of 4 contact blocks. Each block is 5 days long.

For more information on the programme contact us