UJ Research Centres and Institutes

The University hosts Research Centres and Institutes in all Faculties.

These entities are tasked with strengthening institutional, regional and national priorities,  including the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research Centres are internally funded through the University Strategic Funding Initiative.

Research Tvw Tile Madibeng

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD)

Prof Leora Farber-Blackbeard

Email: leoraf@uj.ac.za
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College of Business and Economics (CBE)

Centre for Applied Data Science

Prof Hossana Twinomurinzi (Acting)

Email: hossanat@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED)

Dr Thando Vilakazi

Email: thandov@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Model-Based Planning


Centre for Public Management and Governance

Prof Vain Jarbandhan

Email: vainj@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Work Performance


Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Africa)

Prof Noleen Pisa

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Public and Environmental Economics Research Centre (PEERC)

Mr Jugal Mahabir

Email: jmahabir@uj.ac.za
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Technopreneurship Centre

Mr Koena (Ronny) Mabokela

Email: rmabokela@uj.ac.za
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Faculty of Education (FE)

Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education Studies

Prof Emnet Woldegiorgis (Acting)

Email: emnetw@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (CALTSTEAM)

Prof Umesh Ramnarain

Email: uramnarain@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Education Rights and Transformation (CERT)

Prof June Bam-Hutchison

Email: juneb@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Neurodiversity @ UJ (CN@UJ)

Prof Boitumelo Diale

Email: tumid@uj.ac.za
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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE)

Atomic Layer Deposition Research Centre (ALDRC)

Prof Tien-Chien Jen

Email: tjen@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in the Built Environment

Prof Innocent Musonda

Email: imusonda@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Collaborative Digital Networks


Centre for Cyber Physical Food Energy and Water Systems (CCP-FEWS)

Prof Nnamdi Nwulu

Email: nnwulu@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Ecological Intelligence (CEI)

Prof Michael Rudolph

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Centre for Nanoengineering and Advanced Materials

Prof Peter Olubambi

Email: polubambi@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Smart Information and Communication Systems (CSICS)

Prof Ghanshyam Singh

Email: ghanshyams@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Sustainable Material and Construction Technologies (SMaCT)

Prof Jeffrey Mahachi

Email: jmahachi@uj.ac.za
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Construction Industry Development Board Centre of Excellence

Prof Clinton Aigbavboa

Email: calgbavboa@uj.ac.za
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Mineral Processing and Technology Research Centre

Prof Antoine Mulaba-Bafubiandi

Email: amulaba@uj.ac.za
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Nuclear Research Centre

Prof Simon Connell

Email: shconnell@uj.ac.za
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Sustainable Human Settlement and Construction Research Centre

Prof Clinton Aigbavboa

Email: calgbavboa@uj.ac.za
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Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Research Centre (jointly with Nanjing Tech University in China)

Prof Tien-Chien Jen

Email: tjen@uj.ac.za
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Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)

Laser Research Centre

Prof Heidi Abrahamse

Email: habrahamse@uj.ac.za
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Olympic Studies Centre


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Pan-African Centre for Epidemics Research (PACER)

Prof Refilwe Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya

Email: refilwep@uj.ac.za
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Water and Health Research Centre

Prof Tobias G Barnard

Email: tgbarnard@uj.ac.za
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Faculty of Humanities (FH)

Africa Centre for Evidence

Prof Sikhumbuzo Mngadi

Email: smngadi@uj.ac.za
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African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Prof Veli Mitova

Email: vmitova@uj.ac.za
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Centre for African Diplomacy and Leadership

Prof Chris Landsberg

Email: chrisl@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Data and Digital Communication

Prof Mandla Radebe

Email: mradebe@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Philosophy of Epidemiology, Medicine, and Public Health

Prof Benjamin Smart

Email: bsmart@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Social Change

Prof Patrick Bond

Email: pbond@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA)

Prof Lauren Graham

Email: lgraham@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Sociological Research and Practice

Dr Trevor Ngwane

Email: tngwane@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Study on Race, Gender, and Class

Prof Victoria Collis-Buthelezi

Email: victoriacb@uj.ac.za
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Karl Mittermaier Centre for Philosophy of Economics

Dr Michael Stettler

Email: mstettler@uj.ac.za
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Palaeo-Research Institute (incorporates the Centre for Anthropological Research (CFAR))

Dr Dipuo Kgotleng

Email: dkgotleng@uj.ac.za
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Qatar-South Africa Centre for Peace and Intercultural Understanding (CPIU)

To be confirmed

Faculty of Law (FL)

Centre for Banking Law

Prof Sarel du Toit

Email: sfdutoit@uj.ac.za

Centre for International and Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (CICLASS)

Prof Elmarie Fourie

Email: esfourie@uj.ac.za
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Forensic Investigation and Criminal Justice Centre

Prof Whatney Murdoch

Email: mwatney@uj.ac.za

Research Centre for Private International Law in Emerging Countries

Prof Jan Neels

Email: jlneels@uj.ac.za
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South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC)

Prof David Bilchitz

Email: davidb@saifac.org.za
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Faculty of Science (FS)

African Centre for DNA Barcoding

Prof Michelle van der Bank

Email: mvdbank@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Astro-particle Physics (CAPP)

Prof Soebur Razzaque

Email: srazzaque@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Ecological Genomics and Wildlife Conservation

Prof Bettine Jansen van Vuuren

Email: bettinevv@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Centre for Innovative Food Research (CIFR)

Prof Oluwafemi Adebo

Email: oadebo@uj.ac.za

Centre for Nanomaterials Science in Research

Prof Omotayo Arotiba

Email: oarotiba@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Natural Product Research

Prof Derek Ndinteh

Email: dndinteh@uj.ac.za
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DSI NRF Centre of Excellence for Integrated Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (CIMERA)

Prof Nicola Wagner

Email: nwagner@uj.ac.za
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Paleoproterozoic Mineralization Research Centre (PPM)

Prof Albertus Smith

Email: bertuss@uj.ac.za
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Postharvest and Agro-Processing Research Centre

Prof Olaniyi Fawole

Email: olaniyif@uj.ac.za
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Research Centre for Plant Metabolomics

Dr Fidele Tugizimana and Dr Msizi Mhlongo

Emails: ftugizimana@uj.ac.za@uj.ac.za and mmhlongo@uj.ac.za
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Research Centre in Synthesis and Catalysis

Dr Bonathile Makhubela

Email: bmakhubela@uj.ac.za
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Flagship Institutes

Institute for Future of Knowledge (IFK)

Prof Arthur Mutambara

Email: amutambara@uj.ac.za
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Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS)

Prof Babu Sena Paul

Email: bspaul@uj.ac.za
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Institute for Pan African Thought and Conversation (IPATC)

Prof Siphamandla Zondi

Email: siphamandlaz@uj.ac.za
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Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies (JIAS)

Dr Bongani Ngqulunga

Email: ngqulungab@uj.ac.za
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University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute (UJCI)

Prof David Monyae

Email: dmonyae@uj.ac.za
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Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS)

Centre for Telecommunication

Prof Theo Swart

Email: tgswart@uj.ac.za
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Centre for Data Ethics (CDE)

Prof Tapiwa Chagonda

Email: tchagonda@uj.ac.za
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Inter-Faculty Centres and Institutes

Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Research Centre (BEAHT RC)

Dr Habib Noorbhai (Health Sciences) and Vacant (Engineering)

Email: habibn@uj.ac.za
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Joint Research Centre for Water and Environmental Science and Technology (JRC-West)

Prof Soraya Malinga (Science) and Prof Mbangiseni Nepfumbada (Engineering)

Email: smalinga@uj.ac.za and mpnepfumbada@uj.ac.za
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Joint Research Centre on Climate Change and Smart Mobility (JRC-CCSM)

Dr Kristy Langerman (Science), Nickey Janse van Rensburg (Engineering) and Prof Noleen Pisa (Business and Economics)

Email: klangerman@uj.ac.za, nickeyjvr@uj.ac.za and noleenp@uj.ac.za
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Johannesburg Business School (JBS)

Centre for Digital Transformation

To be confirmed

Johannesburg Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship

Ms Machaka Mosehana

Email: machakam@uj.ac.za
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Strategic Initiatives and Administration

Centre for Africa-China Studies (CACS)

Prof David Monyae

Email: dmonyae@uj.ac.za
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Joint UJ and University of West Indies Institute for Global African Affairs

Prof Siphamandla Zondi

Email: siphamandlaz@uj.ac.za
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