Staff – Marketing and Retail Experts

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NameTelephone NumberOffice NumberRoleCampus
Dr N. Cunningham011 559 1421K-Red 8Deputy HoD: Undergraduate Studies and Teaching & LearningBunting Road Campus
Dr I. Ward011 559 3200C-Ring 611Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator: BCom Marketing Management | CBE Teaching and Learning CommitteeAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Dr T. Mofokeng011 559 2129C-Ring 605BCom Marketing Management Programme CoordinatorAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Dr M. Nhlabathi011 559 1277K Red 15Lecturer & Programme Manager - Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management; MM Library Rep & Decolonialisation Committee Member.Bunting Road Campus
Mr M. Makhoba011 559 3621K-Red 1LecturerBunting Road Campus
Mr R. Mathaba011 559 1252K-Red 10LecturerBunting Road Campus
Mr S. Gwebu011 559 1273K-Red 4LecturerBunting Road Campus
Ms M. Frazer011 559 1423K Red 5Lecturer & Deputy Head: Continuing Education ProgrammesBunting Road Campus
Ms S. Pillay011 559 1281K-Red 9Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for the Diploma Retail Business ManagementBunting Road Campus
Prof C.F. De Meyer-Heydenrych011 559 1278K-Red 7Programme manager: BCom Honours in Marketing ManagementBunting Road Campus
Prof D. Maduku011 559 2010C-Ring 604Deputy HoD: Research and Postgraduate StudiesAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof Göran SvenssonC Ring 6Visiting ProfessorAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof Ilse Struweg0115591255K-Red 12Associate ProfessorBunting Road Campus
Prof Jukka OjasaloC Ring 6Visiting ProfessorAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof M. Mpinganjira011 559 3200C-Ring 601Department of Marketing ManagementAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof M. Roberts-Lombard011 559 4555C-Ring 607Head of Masters & Doctoral Studies (Masters & Doctoral study portfolio); Chair of the Departmental Research & Ethics Committee (DREC); Departmental Representative on the College Higher Degrees CommitteeAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof. M. Wait011 559 1414K-Red 1HoDBunting Road Campus
Prof Nripendra P. Rana011 559 3200C-Ring 6Distinguished Visiting ProfessorAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Ms P Thusi011 559 1289Programme Coordinator (Diploma in Marketing)Bunting Road Campus
Ms R MatubatubaK-Red 13Lecturer and Programme Manager: BCom Marketing Management | Community Engagement RepresentativeBunting Road Campus
Prof. Linda Hollebeek011 559 3200Distinguished Visiting ProfessorAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Ms W Mwaniki0115594310LecturerAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Mr J. Appelgryn011 559 4310LecturerAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Dr Rukudzo Pamacheche011 559 1414K-Red 3LecturerAuckland Park Kingsway Campus