Why study retailing?

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UJ Retail qualifications – Answers about Retail and different Retail Qualifications

Why study Retail?

As a massive contributor to our economy, the Retail sector demands diverse skills from the people it employs and therefore various career opportunities and growth. Studying a Diploma in Retail Business Management at the University of Johannesburg prepares you for this large and dynamic industry and equips you with the important foundational knowledge required to pursue a career in the numerous different roles that this industry has to offer.*

*See What can I do with a qualification in retail? below.

Is there a future for Retailing?

The Retail sector is a large and important contributor of many countries’ economies and is responsible for providing employment for large numbers of people. As long as human beings demand food, banking, fashion, personal care, medication or even books (whether published or eBooks) to name but a few – the Retail sector will flourish. With the rapid rate of global technological advancement, the Retail industry has had to keep up with a number of changes – consumers are demanding more digital experiences, detailed product information, they are comparing prices online and they are demanding more channel options to make purchases from. In some countries, Retailers are even experimenting with the use of humanoid robots. The Retail field is therefore merging with exciting new technological fields which will require even further unique skillsets, expertise and possible Retail career paths (that we have not even heard of yet). Your qualification in Retail Business Management at the UJ Department of Marketing Management, will expose you to the important foundational knowledge on the workings of the retail sector, whilst also exposing you to all these latest development in the industry. Enrolling for Continuous Education Programmes or in short CEPs (e.g. Marketing related certificates and short courses) at least once every two years is however strongly recommended. In an age of constant change, you need to make sure that your skill set remains up to date and that you stay abreast of new developments. Keep an eye on the Departments latest CEP offerings and ensure your skillset remains up to date.

What can I do with a qualification in Retail?

As mentioned above, the Retail industry is incredibly large and diverse. Depending on your personal interests and talents, the UJ Diploma in Retail Business Management can prepare you for a career in numerous roles (typically starting out in junior to middle level management) as showcased on the list of career opportunities on the Diploma in Retail Business Management qualification page.

Is Retail the right career for me?

Similar to the Marketing field, the Retail environment is also very diverse, offering an array of different career opportunities to pursue. It can easily be suited as a career path for both an introvert or extrovert personality. Introverts can become involved in the sales, trends and market research aspects of Retail, whilst extroverts can become involved in the actual selling or promotional aspects of Retailing.

What can you earn with a career in Retailing in South Africa?

As retailing offers an array of career opportunities, it is difficult to provide you with an exact indication, but a simple search on a South African website that lists jobs, such as www.indeed.co.za will give you a fair indication of what the different retailing roles’ earning potential can be at different experience and qualification levels. Of course you also need to consider the fact that your earning potential will grow as your experience and skills grow over the years. Give it a try and search for the different suggested careers listed on the Diploma in Retail Business Management qualification page.

What is the difference between a Diploma and a degree?

At the UJ Department of Marketing Management, the Retail qualifications are only offered as Diplomas. See the Marketing degree frequently asked question page where the key differences between Degree and Diploma offerings are discussed.

Further studies

As a leader in Retail education and an advocate for the professionalization of the Retail sector, the UJ Department of Marketing Management is one of only a few institutions in South Africa that offers students the opportunity to further their studies in the field of retail. Upon completion of the Diploma in Retail Business Management, students can apply for the Advanced Diploma in Retailing. Students who successfully completed the Advanced Diploma in Retailing with promising grades may apply for the Department’s flagship programme – the BCom (Hons) in Marketing Management (NQF 8) OR the Department’s newly registered, first in SA and fully online qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Retailing (NQF 8). Acceptance into both programmes is based on a rigorous review of students’ academic records and marks and only the best candidates are selected.

What is an NQF level?

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) uses the National Qualifications Framework levels (NQF) as a method to organize national qualifications and their quality in South Africa. You can obtain more details about NQF levels by accessing the SAQA website here: South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

A matric qualification is an NQF level 4.

Successfully completing a Diploma in Retail Business Management provides you with an NQF level 6 qualification.

Successfully completing the Advanced Diploma in Retailing provides you with an NQF level 7 qualification.