​Seminar 2002​

Prof. Peter Alexander (RAU) & Dr. Anita Chan (Australian National University), 'Does  China Have an Apartheid Pass System?'  (No. 2002/28). 
Mariana Kriel (University of Port Elizabeth). ‘Multilingualism: Perspectives from Development Theory.’ (No. 2002/27) 
Prof. Kimberly Battle-Walters (Azusa Pacific University). ‘Shiela’s Shop: The Experiences and Realities of Working Class African Women.’ (No. 2002/26) 
Naudé Malan (RAU). 'Civil Society and the Transformation of Social Security in South Africa.' (No. 2002/25). 
Dr Dale McKinley ‘COSATU and the Alliance since 1994.’ (No. 2002/24). 
Dr Natasha Erlank (Rand Afrikaans University). 'The Best Interests of African Children in the Allocation of Custody: Gendering the Current Models'. (No. 2002/23). Prof. Ian Phimister (University of Sheffield). ‘Empire, Imperialism and Africa’s Partition.’ (No. 2002/22). 
Dr Joanne Duffy (University of Oxford). ‘Afrikaner Nationalism, the National Party and the Afrikaner Nationalist Radical Right in Stellenbosch, 1934-1948.’ (No. 2002/21). 
Prof. Tina Uys (Rand Afrikaans University). ‘Professional Ethics Versus Corporate Loyalty: Whistleblowing in the Financial Sector.’ (No. 2002/20).
Prof. John Saul (York University): 'On the Taming of the Transition: "Cry for the Beloved Country" Revisited.' (No. 2002/19).
Prof. Michael Neocosmos (University of Pretoria): 'Rethinking State and Civil Society in Africa: Forms of Politics and Democratic Prescriptions.' (No. 2002/18).
Prof. David Cooper (University of Cape Town): 'The Skewed Revolution: Trends in South African Higher Education 1988-1998.' (No. 2002/17). Click here for the appendix to this paper.
Prof. Dennis Brutus (Emeritus Professor of African Studies, University of Pittsburgh): 'An Alternative View of NEPAD.' A background article by Dennis Brutus paper can be accessed from the Business Day archives at http://www.bd.co.za/bday/content/direct/1,3523,1116833-6078-0,00.html (No. 2002/16).
Lungelo Sikakane (RAU) '"Working for These Contractors is Like Hell": An In-depth Investigation of the Working Conditions of Subcontract Workers at Carletonville Gold Mines.' (No. 2002/15).
Stephen Greenberg (Wits), 'Land Reform and Transition in South Africa.' (No. 2002/14).
Hilma Shindondola (RAU), 'Xenophobia in South Africa: The Voices of International Students.' (No. 2002/13).
Prof. Peter Alexander (Centre for Sociological Research, RAU), 'Patterns in Protest: A Preliminary Analysis of Strikes by Black Miners in the Transvaal, 1925-50.' (No. 2002/12).
Prof. Louis Grundlingh (RAU), 'Neither Health nor Education? An Historical Analysis of HIV/AIDS Education in South Africa, 1980s-1990s.' (No. 2002/11).
Prof. Cecil Helman (Brunel University), 'Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Body and Self.' (No. 2002/10).
Andries Bezuidenhout (SWOP, Wits), 'Changing Colours: Trade Liberalisation, Production Regimes and the White Goods Manufacturing Industry in Southern Africa.' (No. 2002/9).
Prof. Pieter Duvenage (RAU), 'The Politics of Memory and Forgetting After Auschwitz and Apartheid.' (No. 2002/8)
Carina Van Rooyen (RAU), 'GEAR must go! The case of water delivery.' (No. 2002/7).
Prof. Yolande Sadie (RAU) and Dr. Maria Motebang (RAU), 'Report back on the Elections in Zimbabwe.' (No. 2002/6).
Dr Sakhela Buhlungu (Wits), 'Rebels Without a Cause of Their Own: The Contradictory Location of White Officials in Black Trade Unions, 1973-2000.' (No. 2002/5)
Anne Leilde (Bordeux and Stellenbosch), 'Identity Construction From Above and From Below: the Western Cape Province as Case Study.' (No. 2002/4).
Thea De Wet (RAU), 'Fratricide in Ficksburg: A Strange Case of "Informal Justice" (1900).' (No. 2002/3).
L. N. Maquebela and M. M. Malatjie (Unin), 'Redressing Patriarchy And Sexism In African Lore: Is Patriarchy And Sexism Still Relevant?' (No. 2002/2).
Prof. Tina Uys and others (RAU), 'HIV/AIDS and Students at RAU: Interim Report.' (No. 2002/1).