Seminar 2006

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20 October: Rejoice Shumba (University of Johannesburg) on ‘A National Youth Service of a Special Kind: Social Identity and the NYS of Zimbabwe.’ (28/2006)

13 October: Lauren Basson (University of Johannesburg) on ‘South African Punk Identities.’

6 October: Prof. Franco Barchiesi (Ohio State University). ‘The Debate on the Basic Income Grant in South Africa: Social Citizenship, Wage Labour and the Reconstruction of Working-Class Politics’.

3 October: 1pm-2pm Prof. Robert Morrell (University of KwaZulu Natal). on ‘Fatherhood: some cocclusions from a new book.’

22 September: Marcelle Dawson (University of Johannesburg and University of Oxford) on ‘Democracy for Whom?: Popular Struggles and Emancipatory Politics’.

15 September: Dr Yoon Park (University of the Witwatersrand) on ‘Exclusion and National Identity: the Chinese in South Africa.’


25 August: Anne Alexander (Exeter University). ‘Democracy in movement? The anti-colonial struggle in Egypt and Iraq, 1945-1958.’

18 August: Dr Chris Bolsmann (Aston University) on ‘Recruiting international students to the United Kingdom: competing rationales.’

11 August: Prof. David Renton (visting professor) on ‘Xenophobia and Islamophobia, the new racisms’ and ‘Xenophobia: Who benefits?’

4 August: Prof. Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale University) on ‘Curve of American power.’

2 August (Wednesday): Prof. Rudy Ray Seward (University of North Texas) on ‘Conceptualizing factors to explain fathers’ involvement with children: identity theory, models of involvement, and prior research.’ This meeting will be in the Faculty of Humanities Board Room (B241) between 12.00 and 13.00.

21 July: Prof. Partha Mukherji (Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, and President, Indian Sociological Association) on ‘The Eurocentrism of the Nation State’.


09 June: Prof. Jeremy Seekings (Department of Sociology & Political Studies, University of Cape Town). A special seminar on “meet the author” with Prof. Jeremy Seekings on his book entitled: ‘From Race to Class: The Changing Nature of Inequality in South Africa’. Reviewers: Jon Hyslop and Claire Ceruti.

02 June: Dr. Francis Maphosa (Head, Department of Sociology, University of Zimbabwe). ‘Undocumented Labour Migration and Transnationalism Between Zimbabwe and South Africa’.

26 May: Ms. Nadira Omarjee (Research Manager. POWA) ‘Gender, Sexualities and HIV/AIDS’.

19 May: Dr. Pieter Fourie (Lecturer, Political Studies, University of Johannesburg), on ‘The Political Managment of HIV and AIDS in South Africa’. An introduction to a book to be published next month by Palgrave Macmillan.

12 May: Arndt Hopfmann (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) on ‘ Left Politics Internationally: Some Comments on a Debate.’

5 May: Dr Sonja Narunsky-Laden (Communication Department, University of Johannesburg) on ‘Who’s Afraid of a Black Bourgeoisie? Consumer Magazines for Black South Africans as an Apparatus of Change’.

21 April: Dr Leo Zeilig (Post Doc, Sociology Department, University of Johannesburg). ‘Increasing my value proposition to the struggle’: Arthur Mutambara and student politics in Zimbabwe. (2006/8)


24 March: Dr. Ashwin Desai (Centre for Civil Society, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal). ‘Truck and Trailer: Rugby and Transformation?’ (2006/7)

17 March: Grace Khunou (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). ‘Why Maintenance Does not Work? An Exploration of Relationships Between men and Women who use the Maintenance System’. (2006/6)

10 March: Claire Ceruti & Rudzani Mudau (Centre for Sociological Research, University of Johannesburg). ‘Perceptions About Class in Soweto: Preliminary Results’. This seminar will be held at the UJ Soweto Campus, VIP Room (located just above the cant​een). (2006/5)

03 March: Local Government Elections: A Preliminary Assessment. Speakers. Accepted: Steven Friedman (Centre for Policy Studies). Invited: Prof Werner Zybrands (UJ); Moshoeshoe Monare (Sunday Independent); Dieudonne Tshiyoyo (Electoral Institute for Southern Africa); Prof Devan Pillay (Wits); Michael Sachs (ANC); DRC election observers.

24 February: Prof. John Higgins (Department of English Language and Literature, University of Cape Town) ‘Karl Marx. Public Thinker Number 1’ (2006/4)

17 February: Dr. Lorraine Nencel (Department of Social Science Research, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam). ‘Broken Down Bureaucracies: Change and Secretaries Identities in the Peruvian Public Sector’. (2006/3)

16 February, Thursday, 12H30-14H00: Prof. Ming-Chang Tsai (Taiwan). ‘Evaluating Sociologists in Taiwan: Power, Profession and Passersby’. (2006/2)

10 February: Prof. Roger Southall (Chief Research Specialist, Human Sciences Research Council). ‘The ANC, Black Empowerment and the Parastatals’. (2006/1)

03 February: Prof. Thomas Auf der Heyde (Dean of Research, University of Johannesburg) and Prof. Peter Alexander (Centre for Sociological Research, University of Johannesburg). ‘Themes for research funding: Do we need them, Who decides them, What should they be?’