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Dear Colleagues and Members of the Public

You are cordially invited to attend the UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar. The weekly seminar has been hosted by the Department of Sociology since 2000. It is supported by the UJ Faculty of Humanities and the UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies. Meetings are held on UJ’s Auckland Park Kingsway campus, at 15h30 on every Wednesday afternoon during term time, unless otherwise indicated.

Please find the current programme below. A written paper is usually distributed on this website, to allow participants to read this in advance of the seminar. Confirmed presenters’ papers should reach us in electronic format by two weeks prior to the presentation.

Guests are asked to arrive at the venue by 15:25. Those coming from outside the UJ are advised to enter the campus through Gate 2 on the corner of Ditton and Ripley Streets and to park in Car Park B (scroll down for map). It may be helpful to show an invitation to the guard on duty.

I take this opportunity to thank the members of the 2014 seminar committee: Dr Tapiwa Chagonda (Sociology),
Dr Naudé Malan (Anthropology & Development Studies),
and Ismail Fadal (student assistant).

Best wishes
Liela Groenewald
Convenor: Wednesday Semin ar
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

First term 2014: Critical Evaluations of Corporate Social Responsibility

5 Feb: Prof Tina Uys (UJ Department of Sociology): ‘Organis​ational Cult​u​re ​​and ​Whistleblowing: Exploring th​e Connections​​​’.​ Discussant: Ms Carol Bews (Independent). (01/2014)

12 Feb: Prof Marilise Smurthwaite (Department of Applied Ethics, St Augustine College of South Africa): ‘Thoughts on Corporations, CSR and Economic justice in the South African context ‘. Discussant: Dr Adri Drotskie (UJ Dept of Business Management). (02/2014)

19 Feb: Mr Claudious Chikozo (Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership, University of Pretoria): ‘Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship in Africa: Strange Bedfellows?’. Discussant: Prof Godwell Nhamo (UNISA-EXXARO Chair in Business & Climate Change). (03/2014)

26 Feb: Dr Chana Teeger (UJ Department of Sociology): ‘Schools and Inequality: Towards a Broader Conceptualisation’. Discussant: Ms Siobhan Glanvill (Wits School of Education). (04/2014)

5 March: Prof Neil Eccles (Unisa): ‘From Friedman to today: A wide-ranging ramble about CSR with reference to South Africa. Discussant: Prof Freek Cronjé (Bench Marks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, North West University. (05/2014)

12 March: Dr Arnold Smit (University of Stellenbosch Business School), in absentia: ‘The contextualisation of CSR in sub-Saharan Africa: The territory, the map and the challenges’. Discussant: Prof Daleen Millard (UJ Department of Private Law).

19 March: Term-end film courtesy of Tri Continental Film Festival: Screening of Store Wars: When Walmart Comes to Town (a 60-minute documentary produced by Micha X Peled). Discussant: Ms Pragna Rugunanan (UJ Department of Sociology. *Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (07/2014).

Second term 2014: Contemporary Social Networks

2 April: Prof Paul Routledge (University of Leeds): ‘Networking equivalence? Gender, the Philosophy of Praxis and Spaces of Encounter in the Climate Caravan, Bangladesh’. Discussant: Prof Mary Galvin (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies). (08/2014)

9 April: Prof Bram Büscher (Erasmus University, Rotterdam): ‘Nature 2.0: Exploring and Theorizing the Links Between New Media and Nature Conservation’. Discussant: Dr Carina van Rooyen (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies). (09/2014)

16 April: Dr Nelago Indongo (University of Namibia): ‘Namibia Family Networks and Social Structures ‘. Discussant: Prof Marlize Rabe (Unisa Department of Sociology). (10/2014)

23 April: Prof Elizabeth Pleck (University of Illinois): ‘Not Just Roommates: Cohabitation after the Sexual Revolution ‘. Prof Grace Khunou (UJ Department of Sociology). (11/2014)

7 May: No Seminar due to national elections.

14 May: Term-end film: Screening and discussion of the 51-minute documentary film
Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity, by Dr Jackson Katz, Fulbright Scholar. *Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (12/2014)

21 May: At 17:00 – Special meeting hosted by the SA Research Chair in Social Change:
Prof Michael Burawoy (President: International Sociological Association): ‘Neo-liberalism and Social Movements’. Introduction by Dr Irma du Plessis (President: South African Sociological Association). *Venue: UJ Council Chamber, UJ Kingsway campus. (13/2014)

Third term 2014: Disability in Perspective

16 July: Mr Guy McIlroy (Centre for Deaf Studies, University of the Witwatersrand): ‘Deaf Culture’ (verbal presentation only). Discussant: Dr William Rowland (UJ Centre for Social Development in Africa). (14/2014)

23 July: Mr John Meletse (Gay and Lesbian Archives, University of the Witwatersrand): ‘HIV and Disability’. Discussant: Dr Nancy Castro-Leal (Gala, University of the Witwatersrand). (15/2014)

30 July: Mr Oliver Mutanga (University of the Free State): ‘Disability and Subtle Injustices in South African Education’. Discussant: Dr Rajohane Matjedisho (Dept of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand). (16/2014)

6 August: Prof Phasha Nareadi (Department of Inclusive Education, Unisa): ‘Sexual abuse in special schools ‘. Discussant: Dr Lauren Graham (UJ Centre for Social Development in Africa). (17/2014)

13 August: Prof Juan Bornman (Centre for Alternate and Augmented Communication, University of Pretoria): ‘Health care workers and communication rehabilitation in developing countries’. Discussant: Ms Jean Elphick (UJ Dept of Anthropology & Development Studies). (18/2014)

20 August: Dr Paul Chappel (UJ Dept of Anthropology & Development Studies): ‘ “Queering” the social emergence of a disability identity’. Discussant: Mr Pierre Brouard (Centre for the Study of Aids, University of Pretoria). (19/2014)

27 August: Term-end film: Screening of Stepping Into The Unknown (a short documentary produced by HEARD-DHAT). Discussant:
Dr Lauren Graham (UJ Centre for Social Development in Africa).
*Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (20/2014)

Fourth term 2014

10 September: Dr Arnold Smit (Centre for Business in Society, Stellenbosch University): ‘The Contextualisation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Territory, the Map and the Challenges’. Discussant: Prof Freek Cronjé (Benchmarks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, North West University). (21/2014)

17 September: Prof Derik Gelderblom (Unisa): ‘Social Capital and Sociology: Towards a More Sustainable Marriage ‘. Discussant: Prof Tina Uys (UJ Deparment of Sociology). (22/2014)

24 September: No meeting due to public holiday (Heritage Day).

1 October: (in recognition of Nigerian Independence Day): Aghogho Akpome (UJ Department of English): ‘What is Nigeria?’. Discussant: Femi Adeagbo (UJ Department of Sociology). (23/2014)

8 October Debate: Marikana – A Watershed in South African History?
For: Prof Peter Alexander (UJ/NRF Chair in Social Change);
Against: Prof Steven Friedman (UJ/Rhodes Centre for Democracy). (24/2014)

15 October: Dr Alexander Beresford (University of Leeds): ‘Power, Patronage, and Gate keeper Politics in South Africa ‘. Discussant: Prof David Moore (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies). (25/2014)

22 October: Year-end screening of a fatherhood documentary, Boys Don’t Cry, by Teboho Petersen. Discussants: Prof Thea de Wet and Dr Admire Chereni (C-FAR (UJ Centre for Anthropological Research)). *Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (26/2014)