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UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar – 2011

Dear colleagues and guests

You are cordially invited to attend the UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar. The weekly seminar is co-hosted by the UJ Department of Sociology and the Department of Anthropology & Development Studies with support from the UJ Faculty of Humanities. The seminar meets in UJ’s Anthropology and Development Studies Seminar Room at DRing 506, at 15h30 on every Wednesday afternoon during term time, unless otherwise indicated. When possible, please arrive by 15:25. A written paper is usually distributed on this website, to allow participants to read this in advance of the seminar. Please find the programme below.

Those coming from outside the UJ are advised to enter the campus through Gate 2 on the corner of Ditton and Ripley Streets and to park in Car Park B. It may be helpful to show an invitation to the guard on duty. Confirmed presenters are asked to email their papers to Liela Groenewald by 10 days prior to the presentation. Should you be interested in presenting a paper, please contact Kammila Naidoo​ or L​e​titia Smuts. ​​

Yours sincerely

Tina Uys, Professor of Sociology and Thea de Wet, Professor of Anthropology & Development Studies

First term 2011: Politics, Development and Societal Transition

2 February: (Co-hosted by UJ Dept Historical Studies) Andrew Babson (University of Michigan) on ‘English language shift, identification, and transformation among recent high school graduates in a rural South African township’. Discussant: Dr Caroline Jeannerat (Dept of Historical Studies, UJ). (1/2011)

9 February: Prof Stephen Gelb (Dept Economics & Econometrics, UJ) on ‘The state, growth and development in South Africa: Reflections on the New Growth Path and other policy documents’ (no written paper available). Discussant: Prof Vusi Gumede (Dept Anthropology & Development Studies, UJ). (2/2011)

16 February: Prof Elzbieta Matynia (New School for Social Research, New York) on ‘Citizens without Borders: the Promise of Borderlands’ (no written paper available). Discussant: Pragna Rugunanan (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ). (3/2011)

23 February: Prof Andries Bezuidenhout (Dept Sociology, University of Pretoria) on ‘Between the State, Market and Society: Labour Codes of Conduct in the Southern African Garment Industry’. Discussant: Prof Devan Pillay (Dept Sociology, Wits). (4/2011)

2 March: Prof Tina Uys (Dept Sociology, UJ ) on ‘Development and corruption: A sociological analysis’. Discussant: Kris Dobie (Ethics Institute of South Africa) (5/2011)

9 March: Moe Shaik (Head, South African Secret Service (SASS)) on ‘Conceptualising South Africa’s National Interest’. Discussant: Prof Adam Habib (Deputy Vice- Chancellor, UJ). Venue: UJ Council Chambers. (6/2011)

16 March: (Co-hosted by Amnesty International) Special Panel Discussion: ‘The Politics of Water and Water Research’. Panel members: Nokuthula Magudulela (Amnesty International), Prof Ran Greenstein (Wits Department of Sociology), Dr Anis Saleh Daraghma (UWC) and Prof Patrick Bond (Centre for Civil Society, UKZN). Venue: UJ Council Chambers Conference Room D. (7/2011)

Second term 2011: Critical Reflections on Youth, Risk and Social Justice

23 March: Rakgadi Mohlahlane (Centre for the Study of AIDS, UP) on ‘Youth, Gender and HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Some questions and lessons – almost 3 decades into the epidemic’.Discussant: Dr Yaw Amoateng (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ). (8/2011)

13 April: Prof Raymond Suttner (Professor Emeritus, UNISA) on ‘National Democratic Revolution (NDR) Revisited: the “National Question” . Discussant: Prof Lawrence Hamilton (Dept of Politics, UJ). (9/2011)

20 April: Lauren Graham (Centre for Social Development in Africa, UJ) on ‘Understanding the Role of Risk in Young People’s Sense of Self: Initial Reflections from an Ethnographic Study’.Discussant: Dr Marlize Rabe (Dept of Sociology, UNISA). (10/2011)

4 May: Prof Rachel Jewkes (Medical Research Council) on ‘Understanding Rape’ (No written paper). Discussant: Dr Bronwyn Dworzanowski-Venter (Post-doctoral fellow, UJ). (11/2011)

11 May: Bobby Soobrayan (Director-General, Dept of Basic Education) on ‘Schooling and Inequality in South Africa: An Assessment of the Challenges and Implications for Education Policy’.Discussant: Dr Simon Mapadimeng (National Arts Council). (12/2011)

18 May: Election day – no seminar.

25 May: Screening of “Where do I stand?” A 37-minute documentary about young people’s experiences during the xenophobic attacks in 2008, South Africa. Discussion led by Molly Blank(Independent Documentary Film-maker, Cape Town). (13/2011)

Third term 2011: Re-imagining Africa

20 July: Dr Lubna Nadvi (Politics, UKZN) on ‘Reflections on People’s Revolutions in the Arab and Muslim World in a Contemporary Context’. Discussant: Prof Abdi Samatar (Geography, University of Minnesota). (14/2011)

27 July: Meeting co-hosted with the African Democratic Institute. Ory Okollah (Kenyan activist, Google Executive) on ‘Democracy through Social Media Networks: Political Change in Tunisia and Egypt’. Discussant: Dr Sonja Narunsky-Laden (Communication, UJ). Venue: Faculty Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (15/2011)

3 August: Dr Malehoko Tshoaedi (Sociology, UJ) on ‘Can the Subaltern speak: The (un)representation of Women’s Voices in Cosatu’. Discussant: Nomboniso Gasa (Gender activist, Researcher). (16/2011)

10 August: Dr Sara Mosoetsa (SWOP, Wits) on ‘Eating from one pot’: the Dynamics of Survival in Poor South African households’. Discussant: Prof Cecelia van Zyl-Schalekamp (Sociology, UJ). (17/2011)

17 August: Dr Patience Kabamba (Development Studies, UJ) on ‘African Decolonisation, Fifty years of Post-Colonial Metastasis of the Colonial Cancer: Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’. Discussant: Prof Michael Neocosmos (Sociology, Unisa). (18/2011)

24 August: Prof Edward Webster (Swop, Wits) on ‘Development, globalisation and decent work: An emerging southern labour perspective’. Discussant: Prof David Moore (Development Studies, UJ). Venue: Faculty Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (19/2011)

31 August: Screening of ‘A Place in the City’ (2008). A documentary about the struggles of shack-dwellers in post-apartheid South Africa. Discussant: Dr Zanetta Jansen (Sociology, Unisa). (20/2011)

Fourth term 2011: Freedoms and Transgressions

14 September: Benjamin Pogrund (Author, Journalist) & Na’eem Jeenah (Director, Afro-Middle East Centre) on ‘Is Israel the New Apartheid’? *Venue: Council Chambers (Room D), New Admin Building, Madibeng.

21 September: Kate Skinner (SOS: Support Public Broadcasting) on ‘The South African Broadcasting Corporation – the creation and loss of a citizenship vision and the possibilities for building a new one’. Discussant: Indra de Lanerolle (Journalism, Wits University).

28 September: Dr Xolela Mangcu (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ) on ‘Beyond Leaders, Towards Institutions – Imagining New Strategies for Democratic Consolidation’. Discussant:Siphelo Ngcwangu (Doctoral Candidate, UJ)

5 October: Pragna Rugunanan (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ) on ‘Exploring gender and race: Why do social scientists leave academia?’. Discussant: Dr Heidi Prozesky (Sociology, Stellenbosch).

12 October: Rory Du Plessis on ‘Engendered Representations: Exploring S​exuality through Symbols and Myths’ (Visual Arts, University of Pretoria). Discussant: Benita De Robillard (Wits University).

19 October: Dr Sonja Narunsky-Laden (Communication, UJ) on ‘The Currency of Stokvels Today: Market Devices and Social Sites, or, the Calculative as Personal?’ Discussant: Prof Grietjie Verhoef (Accountancy, UJ).

26 October: Screening of the documentary, Carlos Cardoso: An Independent Spirit.Discussant: Rehad Desai (film producer) *Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room (C-Ring 3). (26/2011)