Seminar 2001

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The Department of Sociology, Rand Afrikaans University, presents


Prof. William Beinart ( Oxford University ) on ‘Animal Stories: Settlers and Livestock in the Cape in the 19th and 20th centuries.’ (No. 2001/26).

Hilma Shindondola, Armstrong Dlamini, Madalena Esquivel, and Lungelo Sikakane (RAU) on ‘Suppressed Voices: Preliminary Findings on Non-Citizens’ Problems with Social Services in South Africa .’ (No. 2001/25).

Bronwyn Dworzanowski (RAU) on ‘Towards Developing a Sociology of AIDS Care: A Case Study of a Community Based Aids Care Hospice in Gauteng .’ Discussant: Meera Ichharam (RAU). (No. 2001/24).

Dr Marks Chabedi (University of the Witwatersrand) on ‘State Power, Violence, Crime and Everyday Life: A Case Study of Soweto in the Post-Apartheid South Africa .’ (No. 2001/23).

Noor Nieftagodien (University of the Witwatersrand ) on ‘A coloured is a “coloured” is a Coloured, or is She? Problematising Coloured Identity in Contemporary South Africa – A View from History.’ (No. 2001/22).

Munyaradzi Gwisai ( University of Zimbabwe and Member of Parliament), on ‘ Zimbabwe – What next?’ (No. 2001/21). The document on which this paper is based is available from Marcelle Dawson. Please contact by e-mail or on 011 489 2882.

Miles Larmer ( Sheffield University ), on ‘The Political Role of Trades Unions in Post-Colonial Zambia and Zimbabwe ‘. (No. 2001/20)

Marcelle Dawson (Sociology, RAU), on ‘Perceiving, Constructing and Experiencing Identity: A Case Study of a South African High School .’ (No. 2001/19)

Prof. Neville Alexander ( University of Cape Town ) on ‘The Language Question and South African Universities Today.​’ (No. 2001/18)

Prof. Tina Uys (RAU) and Meera Ichharam (RAU) on ‘Towards an Intervention: A Qualitative Study of University Students’ Perceptions of HIV/AIDS.’ (No. 2001/17).

Dr Tom Bramble ( University of Queensland ) on ‘Can Corporatism Survive? A Comparison of Australia and South Africa .’ (No. 2001/16).

Dr David Pottie (Electoral Institute of Southern Africa) on ‘Elections in Southern Africa : Democratic Consolidation or Low-Intensity Politics?’ (No. 2001/15).

Dr Peter Limb ( Michigan State University ) on ‘The “Other” Sol Plaatje: Rethin​king Plaatje’s Attitudes to Empire, Labour and Gender.’ (​​​​​No. 2001/14).

Dr Dale T. McKinley on ‘Democracy, Power and Patronage: Debate and Opposition within the ANC and the Tripartite Alliance since 1994.’ (No. 2001/13).

Dr Neville Bews ( S.A. Eagle Insurance) and Prof. Tina Uys (Sociology Department, RAU) on ‘The Impact of Organisational Restructuring on Intra-Organisational Trust.’ (No. 2001/12)

Prof. Michael Burawoy (Sociology Department, University of California , Berkeley ). (No. 2001/11)

Prof. Dunbar Moodie (Anthropology and Sociology, Hobart and William Smith) on ‘Klerksdorp Kaskenades 1985, or The Rise and Fall of Lira Setona: Problems and Possibilities in the Early Days of the National Union of Mineworkers.’ (No. 2001/10)

Prof. Louis Grundlingh (History Department, RAU) on ‘A Critical Historical Analysis of Government Responses to HIV/AIDS in South Africa as Reported in the Media, 1983-1994.’ (No. 2001/9)

Lindsey Martin (Centre for Sociological Research, RAU) on ‘Responses to HIV/AIDS in South Africa’s Tertiary Institutions: Policy, Practice and Shortcomings.’ (No. 2001/8)

Bridget Kenny (Sociology of Work Unit, Wits) on ‘From Insurrectionary Worker to Flexible Citizen: Fragmentation and Reconfigured Social Networks of Retail Sector Workers on the East Rand .’ (No. 2001/7)

Bernard Nthambeleni ( Vista University ) – ‘Sanco and Narco: What we Know About ​Them, and What we Don’t Know.’ (No. 2001/6)

Dr Sangeetha Madhavan (University of the Witwatersrand) – ‘The Production and Circulation of Population Knowledge: A Case Study of the Agincourt Population, Northern Province and Health Programme.’ (Paper co-aouthored by Mark Collinson, Agincourt Population and Health Programme and Nicholas Townsend, Brown University ). (No. 2001/5)

Marlize Rabe ( Vista University ) – ‘Family Sociology in South Africa ? You Must be Kidding!’ (No. 2001/4)

Dr John Pape (ILRIG, Cape Town ) – ‘The Myth of Sound Fundamentals: South African in the Global Economy.’ (No. 2001/3)

Hilda and Rusty Bernstein – ‘Experiences of Fighting Against Apartheid in the 1950s. (No. 2001/2)

Prof. Peter Alexander (RAU) – ‘Globalisation and Labour in South-East China : Conference Report.’ (No. 2001/1)