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Term 4: Xenophobia and Migration

14 September: Prof Evangelos Mantzaris (University of Stellenbosch) “Xenophobia in Durban 2015: Media and police responses”. 

21 September: Prof Bethuel Ngcamu  (UNISA). “The Politics of Criminality and Xenophobia in South Africa: An Overview”.

28 September: Dr Faisal Garba Muhammed (UCT). “Between Hostility and Humanity: Notes from Ongoing Research with Ethiopian Migrants in South Africa”.

5 October: Celse Sebakwiye (UWC).“Migration and Xenophobia in South Africa: Reflections on refugees and asylum seekers”.

12 October: Dr Trevor Ngwane (UJ) “Rise of the African fascists? Xenophobia and the onslaught against anti-capitalist organizing in South Africa”.

19 October: Book launch. “Migration in Southern Africa” (Prof Pragna Rugunanan, UJ and Dr Nomkhosi Gama-Xulu, UCT). Discussant: Prof Manny Ness (University of New York).

26 October: Prof Brenda Yeoh (National University of Singapore) “Transient migrant workers and the spatial politics of non-integration in Singapore” Discussant: Prof Ingrid Palmary (UJ)

Term 3:

20 July: Prof Carlos Larrea (Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Quito Ecuador), Prof Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam), and Prof Barbara Hoogenboom (University of Amsterdam). Decarbonisation scholarship and advocacy: International best practices for climate justice.

27 July: Prof Joost Fontein (UJ, Anthropology) and Prof David Moore (UJ, Development Studies). Double book launch: The politics of the dead in Zimbabwe 2000-2020: Bones, rumours and spirits. & Mugabe’s legacy: Coups, conspiracies, and the conceits of power in Zimbabwe.

3 Aug: Dr Patience Mususa (Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden). ‘Southern central Africa’s agenda for critical minerals and the green transition: Risks and opportunities.

10 Aug: Dr Ruth Murambadoro (York University, Canada). Not yet Uhuru! Women’s resistance and the post-colony.

17 Aug: Dr Westen Shilaho (Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation). From the bullet to the ballot? Issues in Kenya’s 2022 elections.

Term 2: Politics and Power

13 April Prof Joost Fontein (UJ) ‘Decolonising the dead or decolonizing death in Southern Africa? Some hesitation’.

4 May Dr Wangui Kimari (UCT) ‘Colour ni Green’:Ecological Future in Nairobi Outaw Style’.

11 May Prof Michael Degani (JHU) ‘Becoming Infrastructure: “Street Technicians” and Self-Making along Dar es Salaam’s Power Grid’.

18 May Dr Sylvia Croese (Wits) ‘Amor á Camisa: where party meets people’s power’.

25 May Dr Adam S. Harris (UJ) ‘Launch of Dr Adam Harris’s book- Everyday identity and Electoral Politics’. Discussant: Prof Kealaboga Maphunye (UNISA).

Term 1: Ecofeminism: Contesting Heteropatriarchal, Ecocidal Racial Capitalism

16 February Prof Patrick Bond (UJ) ‘Ambushing Godongwana’s budget speech’. Discussant: Mr Gumani Tshimomola (Wits)

23 February Ms Makoma Lekalaka (Earthlife Africa) ‘Struggles for gender, ecological and social justice’ Discussant: Dr Hibist Kassa (WoMin/UCT)

2 March Prof Jackie Cock (Wits) ‘An eco-feminist reading of a just transition from carbon capitalism’. Discussant: Ms Alice Mporo (CSRP-UJ)

9 March Prof Melanie Samson (UJ) ‘Recycling Colonialism and Reparation Ecology’. Discussant: Dr Suzall Timm (UJ)

16 March Prof Yvette Abrahams (Khoelife) ‘Why Not ecofeminism?’. Discussant: Dr Michelle Pressend

23 March Ms Mmatshilo Motsei (UP) ‘Indigenous birthing practices, land and nature’. Discussant: Prof Nthabiseng Motsemme

30 March Ms Samantha Hargreaves (WoMin) Topic to follow TBC