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UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar – 2010

Dear colleagues and guests

You are cordially invited to attend the UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development StudiesWednesday Seminar. The weekly seminar is co-hosted by the UJ Department of Sociology and theDepartment of Anthropology & Development Studies with support from the UJ Faculty of Humanities. The seminar meets in UJ’s Anthropology and Development Studies Seminar Room at DRing 506, at 15h30 on every Wednesday afternoon during term time, unless otherwise indicated. When possible, please arrive by 15:25. A written paper is usually distributed on this website, to allow participants to read this in advance of the seminar. Please find the programme below.

Those coming from outside the UJ are advised to enter the campus through Gate 2 on the corner of Ditton and Ripley Streets and to park in Car Park B. It may be helpful to show an invitation to the guard on duty. Confirmed presenters are asked to email their papers to Liela Groenewald​ by 10 days prior to the presentation. Should you be interested in presenting a paper, please contact Liela Groenewald​ or Letitia Smuts​. Prof Sakhela Buhlungu, Prof David Moore, Nkosini Ngwenya and Thuli Mdlalose also assist the 2010 seminar committee on a regular basis.

Yours sincerely

Tina Uys, Professor of Sociology and Thea de Wet, Professor of Anthropology & Development Studies

First term 2010 – Communication and Subjectivities programme

27 Jan: First seminar of 2010 with Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers (NRF Chair on Development Education) on ‘Indigenous knowledge systems and renegotiation of human agency. Discussant: Dr Mokong Simon Mapadimeng (National Arts Council). (1/2010).

3 Feb: Dr Mamphela Ramphele (Chairperson: Technology Innovation Agency and Circle Capital) on ‘What are the missing links in in our approaches to development?’. Venue: UJ Council Chamber in the new administration building. This event was covered in the M​ail&Guardian. (2/2010).

10 Feb: Dr Lloyd Hill (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Stellenbosch) on ‘Languages on t​he internet: Reflections on the changing political economy of new media’. Discussant: Prof Anne-Marie Beukes (UJ Department of Linguistics and Literary Theory). (3/2010).

17 Feb: Prof Shahid Vawda (Wits Department of Anthropology) on ‘Migration and Muslim Identities: Malawians and Senegalese Migrants in Durban, South Africa’. Discussant: Dr Patience Kabamba (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies). (4/2010).

24 Feb: Dr Colin Chasi (Monash University South Africa) on ‘Person-to-person on communication on HIV/Aids’. Discussant: Prof Ria Smit (UJ Department of Sociology). This work was published in the Mail&Guardian. (5/2010).

3 March: Dr Caroline Jeannerat (UJ Department of Communication) on ‘How the political constitutes faith: Mission Christians in the Soutpansberg of the 1930s’. Discussant: Prof Lizé Kriel (UP Department of Historical and Heritage Studies). (6/2010).

10 March: Dr Sven Ouzman (Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Pretoria) on ‘Graffiti as art(e)fact: A contemporary archaeology’. Discussant: Elijah Chiwota(Inter Press Service Africa). (7/2010).

17 March: First of our regular term-end films for 2010. Screening of Capturing reality: The art of documentary. Discussant: Lauren Basson (AFDA). Venue: This meeting will take place in the Faculty of Humanities Common Room at CRing 3 on the Kingsway campus. (8/2010).

Second term 2010 – Gendered Publics, Gendered Lives programme

24 March: Dr Yoon Jung Park (UJ Centre for Sociological Research) on ‘Silent, invisible and vulnerable: Female migrants in Southern Africa’. Discussant: Pragna Rugunanan (UJ Department of Sociology). (9/2010).

31 March: Prof David William Cohen (Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and History, University of Michigan) on ‘Fake Memory’. Discussant: Prof Natasha Erlank (Director: UJ Centre for Culture and Languages in Africa). This seminar co-hosted with the CCLA. (10/2010).

Special lunchtime seminar: 13:00 – 14:00 on Thu 1 April – Courtesy of the Society, Work and Development Institute (SWOP): Prof Michael Burawoy (University of California at Berkeley): ‘Conversations with Bourdieu’ – an overview of the series hosted by SWOP and the Wits Department of Sociology. Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room, CRing 2, UJ Kingsway campus. (11/2010).

14 April: Dr Emilie Venables (Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit) on ‘Gendered Hillbrow, Healthy Hillbrow? Men’s involvement in clinical trials in Johannesburg, South Africa’. Discussant: Marcel Korth (UN Office on Drugs and Crime). (12/2010).

21 April: Cheri-Lee Andrade (UJ Department of Sociology) on ‘Discussing HIV and Aids: The Perceptions and Experiences of Young University Heterosexual Adults in Dating Relationships’. Discussant: Prof Kammila Naidoo (Department of Sociology, University of Pretoria). (13/2010).

28 April: Prof Elsje Bonthuys (Wits Law School) on ‘The 2010 Football World Cup and the regu​lation of sex work in South Africa’. (14/2010).

5 May: Screening of God Loves Sinners (22 minutes), a film by Nami Mhlongo that takes account of the high prevalence of rape in South Africa from an intimate perspective. Discussants: Thuli Made and Nomancotsho Pakade (Behind The Mask). Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room. (15/2010)

Third term 2010: Social Problems in National Perspective programme

21 July: Panel discussion on Social Problems in national perspective and the contribution of South African sociology. Prof Tina Uys (Head: UJ Department of Sociology). Background reading: Uys, 2010 on The Forging of a National Sociological Tradition in South Africa. (16/2010)

28 July: Dr Patience Kabamba (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies) on ‘Capital accummulation and the emergence of the new power elite in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo’. Discussant: Liesl Louw (Institute for Security Studies). (17/2010)

4 Aug: Prof Ria Smit (UJ Department of Sociology) on ‘Family-related policies in Southern African countries: Are working parents reaping any benefits?’. Discussant: Dr Grace Khunou (Wits School of Human and Community Development). (18/2010)

11 Aug: Tapiwa Chagonda (UJ Department of Sociology) on ‘Zimbabwe’s “Casino Economy”: The Contrasting Fortunes of Teachers and Bank Tellers in the Pre and Post Dollarisation Eras’. Discussant: Prof Brian Raftopoulos (UCT). (19/2010)

Special lunchtime seminar, Thu 12 Aug at 13:00: Marianne Ulriksen (UJ Centre for Social Development in Africa) on ‘Social policy development and global financial crisis in the open developing economies of Botswana and Mauritius’. Discussant: Nhlanhla Jordan (UJ Department of Sociology). (20/2010)

18 Aug: Dr Mariam Seedat (UJ Department of Sociology) on ‘How South African students manage academic problems’. Discussant: Prof Maropeng Modiba (UJ Department of Curriculum Studies). (21/2010)

25 Aug: At 16:00 Term-end screening of Wagah, a short film by Supriyo Sen (13 minutes). Discussant: Dr Lubna Nadvi (UKZN School of Politics). Venue: UJ Council Chamber, New administration building, UJ Kingsway campus. (22/2010)

Fourth term 2010: Workers’ Lives; Work Life Cycles programme

8 Sept: Dr Shireen Ally on ‘Intimate Work: Anxiety and Fantasy in the Figure of the “Maid” ’. Discussant: Dr Irma du Plessis (Department of Sociology, University of Pretoria). (23/2010)

15 Sept: Mustafa Ahmed on ‘The Militarisation of structural cleavages and the emergence of new political elites in Darfur’. Discussant: Stephen van Neel (Institute for Security Studies). (24/2010)

Thu 16 Sept, lunchtime seminar: Admire Chereni (UJ Centre for Social Development in Africa) on ‘Migrant Work​ers in Southern Africa: what a perspective of migrant transnationalism can make visible’. Discussant: Tesfalem Araia (Wits Forced Migration Studies Programme). (25/2010)

22 Sept: UJ Diversity Week Colloquium Sexism Feminism Homophobia in the workplaces of South Africa and the SA tertiary education sector. Panel members: Prof Kammila Naidoo (UJ), Jacques Rothmann (NWU), Pragna Rugunanan (UJ), Dr Mariam Seedat (UJ), Prof Ria Smit (UJ), Letitia Smuts (UJ). Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room, CRing 3, UJ Kingsway campus.(26/2010)

29 Sept: Prof Michael Bourdillon (Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Zimbabwe) on ‘Work in African Childhoods’. Discussant: Soraya Kola (Wits Forced Migration Studies Programme). (27/2010)

6 Oct: No seminar due to conference on South Africa and India: Dialogues on Social Justice and Contested Transitions. See for details. Venue: UJ Soweto campus.

13 Oct: The Protection of Information Bill: What about Whistleblowers?.
Panel: Prof Tina Uys (Head: UJ Department of Sociology), Prof Iain Currie (Wits Law School) and Mr Mike Tshishonga (former Deputy Director-General in the Department of Justice). Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room, CRing 3, UJ Kingsway campus. (28/2010)

20 Oct: Term-end screening of Orange Bombs, a short film by Majed Neisi. Discussant: Dr Amrita Pande (University of Cape Town). Venue: Faculty of Humanities Common Room, CRing 3, UJ Kingsway campus. Please join us for the customary year-end Cheese and Wine! (29/2010)