Seminar 2000

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Chris Bolsmann (RAU) and Prof. Tina Uys (RAU) – ‘Pre-empting the Challenges of Transformation and Marketisation of Higher Education: a Case Study of the Rand Afrikaans University.’ Prof. John Saul (York University) – ‘The Thirty Years War for Southern African Liberation (1960-1990)’: Process and Outcome.’ Prof. Jonathan Hyslop (University of the Witwatersrand) – ‘The Imperial Working Class Makes Itself ‘White’: White Labourism in Britain, Australia and South Africa Before the First World War.’ Prof. Peter Alexander (RAU) – ‘Race, Class and Gender in the Making of a New Working Class:​ Mozambican Migrants on Witbank Collieries, 1890-1920.’ Dr Johan Olivier (Human Sciences Research Council) – ‘Consolidating South Africa’s Democracy: The Public Speaks out.’ Prof. Anton Senekal (RAU) – ‘Can Deviance be “Good”?’ Meera Ichharam (RAU) – ‘South Africa’s Bargaining Councils: Function, Organisation and Implications for Trade Unions.’

Dr Peter Alexander (RAU) – ‘The Zimbabwean Election, The MDC and the 2000 Election.’

Prof. Patrick Bond (University of the Witwatersrand) – ‘Radical Rhetoric and the Working Class During Zimbabwe Nationalism’s Dying Days.’

Prof. Shula Marks (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) – ‘White Masculinity: Jan Smuts, Race and the South African War.’

Gavin Williams (St. Peter’s College, Oxford University) – ‘Studying Development and Explaining Development.’

Marcelle Dawson (RAU) – ‘Debating Racism in South Africa: Report Back from the Human Rights Commission National Conference on Racism.’

Lindsey Martin (RAU) – ‘Developing a Sociology of Courts: An Analysis of the South African Judiciary.’

Dr Ria Smit (RAU) – ‘The Husband’s Perception of His Changing Role in the Dual-Earner Family: The Experience of the White Afrikaner Husband/Father.’

Prof. Robin Cohen (Warwick University) – ‘Global Social Movements.’ (Prof. Cohen launched his new co-edited book Global Social Movements).

Brian Raftopoulos (University of Zimbabwe) – ‘Civic Organisations and the State in Zimbabwe.’

Chris Bolsmann (RAU) – ‘Globalising Labour Solidarity: Types, Experiences, Opportunities.’

Prof. Thabo Fako (University of Botswana) – ‘Safe Motherhood and Nurses Ability to Complete the Botswana Obstetric Record.’