Seminar 2005

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25 October: Hilma Shindondola (Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg) on ‘South Africa’s New Transmigrants: Cameroonians Maintaining Identity and Creating Livelihoods in Johannesburg’. (22/2005)

18 October: Kurai Masenyama (PhD Student and Research Assistant, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg) on ‘Globalisation and Identity creation among Tertiary Students. A Comparative Study of WITS University and University of Zimbabwe Students’. This seminar will start at 16H00.

20 September: Dale McKinley (Independent Writer, Lecturer and Researcher based in Johannesburg) on ‘Commodifying Oppression: South African Foreign Policy towards Zimbabwe under Mbeki’. First Soweto Seminar

12 September: Elinor Sisulu (Chair, Crisis in Zimbabwe, South Africa Chapter) and Philani Zamchiya (President, Zimbabwe National Student’s Union) on ‘Crisis in Zimbabwe’.

30 August: Christelle Terreblanche (Political Correspondent, Independent Newspapers), Mthimkhulu Mashiya (COSATU and General Secretary, SA State and Allied Workers’ Union) and Dinga Sikwebu (Researcher and Former National Education co-ordinator, National Union of Metalworkers of SA) on ‘Ex-Deputy President Jacob Zuma Controversy’ Special UJ Seminar

23 August: Profs Tina Uys and Anton Senakal (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). ‘Moarality of principle versus morality of loyalty. The case of Whistleblowing.’

16 August: Claire Ceruti (Researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). ‘Are workless families an underclass?’

2 August: Dr Henning Melber (Research Director. The Nordic Africa Institute). ‘Liberation Movements as Govenrments. Southern African Experiences with Special Reference to SWAPO and the Post-Colonial Political Culture in Namibia.’ (2005/15)

31 May: Dr Ria Smit (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). ‘Involved Fathering: Expanding Conceptualisations of Men’s Paternal Caring’ (2005/12)

17 May: T. Dunbar Moodie (Hobart and WIlliams Smith Colleges). ‘Maximum Average Violence: Underground Assaults on the South African Gold Mines, 1913-1965’ (2005/11)

10 May: Dr Bridget Kenny (Department of Sociology, University of Witwatersrand). ‘Divided Loyalties in East Rand Supermarket Shopfloors.’ (2005/10)

19 Apirl: Dr Dale McKinley (Independent writer, lecturer and researcher). ‘Democracy and Social Movements in South Africa.’ (2005/9)

12April: Prof Tina Uys, Prof Peter Alexander and Dr Ria Smit (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). Conference Reports from Three Conferences on Three Continents.

15 March: Prof Tom Lodge (Head, School of Social Sciences, University of Witwatersrand). Party Politics in South Africa.

8 March: Zahraa McDonald (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). Constructing a Conservative Identity: The Tablīgh Jamā̉at in Johannesburg.

1 March: Prof Simon Bekker (Department of Sociology, University of Stellenbosch). New Urban Identities in a New South Africa? Class, Culture and Race in Cape Town and Johannesburg. (2005/5)

22 February: Maritha Marneweck (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg). Internet Chatrooms: Real or Virtual?. (2005/4).

15 February: Prof Tina Uys (Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg) ‘South African Sociology in Transition: Continental and Global Engagement.’ (2005/3).

8 February: Prof Peter Alexander (Department of Sociology, University of Johannsburg). Globalisation and New Social Identities: A Jig-Saw Puzzle from Johannesburg. (2005/2).

1 February: Prof Bert Klandermans (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam). Stigmatization and Repression of Extreme Right Activism. (2005/1).