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Fourth term 2007

26 October, 12.00: Claire Ceruti, Rudzani Mudau and Mosa Phadi (all from Centre for Sociological Research, UJ) on ‘Findings from the Classifying Soweto Project: A Presentation’. (28/2007)

19 October: Marcelle Dawson (Sociology Department, UJ, and doctoral student, University of Oxford), on ‘Water pre-paid metres: Budgeting mechanism, saving device, or tool of oppression?’.

12 October: Marcel Korth (MA student, Anthropology and Development Studies Department, UJ), on ‘Cheeseboys nabaphandayo: Stories of resilience from young men in Soweto’.

05 October: Christine Ikiara-Zamberia (Doctoral student, Sociology Department, UJ), on ‘Social Conflict and the Garbage Divide: Projecting Race and Class Debates to Community Action in Johannesburg and Nairobi’.

26 September (Wednesday), 12:30: Bronwyn Dworzanowski (doctoral student, Sociology Department, UJ) and Elli Binikos (Lecturer, Sociology Department, UJ) on ‘Uncovering potential agency: assessing orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) empowerment via the ‘instrumentalization of disorder’ as informed by Bourdieu’. Venue: DLes 403.

14 September: Tapiwa Chagonda (Doctoral student, Sociology Department, UJ) on ‘The Response of the Working Class in Harare to the Economic Crisis, 1997-2007’.

Third term 2007

31 August: Letitia Smuts (Sociology Department, UJ), on ‘Careers with Sociology: Evidence from UJ’. Discussant: Anina van der Walt, UJ Student Bureau.

24 August: Bronwyn Dworzanowski (UJ Sociology doctoral student) on ”Bloody scullery maids … useless savages … capering sows’: Multiple Masculinities Shaped by Care Work in Feminised Space, as Experienced by African Men, 1890 – 1944′. Discussant: Dr Mariam Seedat.

17 August: Prof Thomas Blom Hansen (University of Amsterdam), on ‘Melancholia of Freedom. The burden of autonomy and the pleasures of ‘ethnic closure’ in post-apartheid South Africa’. Discussant: Prof Peter Alexander.

3 August: Prof Barry Sautman and Prof Yan Hairong (Division of Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) on ”Cultural Genocide’ and Tibet’.

28 July: Public seminar on ‘Chinese in Africa: Race, Relations, and Reflections’ co-hosted by CSR and Mail&Guardian with sponsorship from the National Research Foundation and ABSA. Various presentations including paper by Prof Barry Sautman. Saturday 8:30 – 6:30 at The Pyramid, 96 Eloff Street Extension, Village Deep, Johannesburg. Click here for details.

27 July: Prof Heather Brookes (Anthropology and Development Studies Department, UJ) on ‘O Clever/Unclever, “He’s Streetwise”: Communicative and Social Functions of Gestures in the Linguistic Performance of Male Township Youth ‘, a combined overview of recent word including background papers published respectively in 2001, 2004 and 2005. Discussant: Prof Robert Thornton.

20 July: Prudence Makhura (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ) and Zahraa McDonald (UJ Sociology doctoral student), on ‘The Universality of low Reporting: UJ Students’ Experiences of Crime’.

Second term 2007

15 June: Prof Thabo Fako (Sociology Department, University of Botswana), on ‘Work-related Stress among Academic Employees of an Academic Institution’.

01 June: Panel discussion on recent findings by non-university researchers. Iain Milne (Research Executive, Markinor) and Dieketseing Motseke (Professional in Data Collection, Statistics SA). Note: this discussion will be conducted using the ‘Chatham House rule’. This means that ‘participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor affiliation of the speaker(s) may be revealed’. Chatham House is the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, and this procedure is widely used around the world where sensitive matter is discussed. In this case, sensitivity may be related to client confidentiality.

25 May: Bernard Nthambeleni, (UJ Sociology doctoral student ) on ‘ The South African National Civic Organisation: A Two Tiered Social Movement ‘.

11 May: Dr Alban Burke (Psychology Department, UJ) on ‘Mental Health Care during Apartheid in South Africa: An Illustration of how “Science” can be Abused’.

04 May: Dr Sylvia Moeno (Sociology Department, UJ) on ‘The Different Ways in which Boys and Girls are Brought up and its Impact in Urban Gauteng Townships’.

20 April: Dr Miles Larmer (History Department, Keele University, UK) on ‘Southern African Social Movements at the World Social Forum in Nairobi’.

13 April: Dr Leo Zeilig (Centre for Sociological Research, UJ) on ‘From “Whiteman in Rags” to Revolutionary Nationalist: A Biographical Sketch of Patrice Lumumba’.

First term 2007

23 March: Prof Peter Cole (Department of History, Western Illinois University), on ‘ Interracial Unionism in the US in the era of Segregation ‘.

16 March: Carina van Rooyen (Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, UJ and School of Oriental and African Studies, London), on ‘Corporatising Public Utilities and Commodifying Water Through PUPs: The Case of Rand Water’.

09 March: Hilma Shindondola (Labour Resource and Research Institute, Windhoek) on ‘Changing an illusion and being trapped in the social and economic obligations: The case of Cameroonians in Johannesburg’.

02 March: Dr Colin Menter (Department of Anthropology and Devlopment Studies, UJ) on ‘Baboon Bedrooms and Bathrooms: A Modern Cave Mess’. The paper will focus on the modern accumulation of a baboon sleeping cave site, near Thabazimbi, South Africa as an analogue for fossil cave site.

23 February: Prof Liz Stanley (Sociology Department, Edinburgh University) on ‘ Olive Schreiner: Topic and Resource in Editing, Publishing, Analysing and Using her Manuscript Letters ‘ .

16 February: Prof Susan Parnell (Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Cape Town), on ‘Urban Service Provision for all: the Imperative of Radical Institutional Reform of the State’.

09 February: Screening of Bushman’s Secret, followed by a discussion with the film’s Johannesburg-based director Rehad Desai.

02 February: Prof Anton Senekal (Department of Sociology, UJ) and Dr Susan Steinman (Workplace Dignity Institute and Human Resources, UJ) on ‘Bullying and Fraud: The Case Study of Enron’.