Seminar 2004​

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Second semester 2004

15 October: Prof. Jimi Adesina (Department of Sociology, Rhodes University) Title to be announced. (2004/25).

8 October: Irma du Plessis (Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research – WISER). Narrating the ‘Nation’: Cultural Production, Political Community and Young Afrikaans Readers. (2004/24).

1 October: Prof. Debbie Posel (Director, Wits In​stitute for Social and Economic Research – WISER). The Regulation of the Urban African Family in South Africa in the 1930s and 1940s. (2004/23).

17 September: Lifutso Motsieloa (Assistant Director, Gauteng Department of Health) on ‘Social Capital, Stigma and HIV/Aids in the Workplace: A Case Study of the Gauteng Department of Healt​h (Gdoh).’ (2004/22).

10 September: Prof. Jacklyn Cock (Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand) on ‘Public Sociology and the Environmental Justice Movement in South Africa.’ (2004/21).

27 August: Naudé Malan (Department of Anthropology and Development Studies) on ‘Civil Society and the Right to Have Access to Social Security in South Africa.’ (2004/20).

25 August: Dr. Bill de Maria (Business School, University of Queensland) on ‘Whistleblower Protection: The Next Neo-Colonial Diffusion?’ (2004/19).

20 August: Prof Peter Ubomba-Jaswa (Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, RAU) on ‘Social Aspects of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) in South Africa.’ (2004/18).

13 August: Prof Maxi Schoeman. (Department of Politics, University of Pretoria) on ‘South Africa in Africa: Behemoth, Hegemon, Partner or Just Another Kid on the Bloc?’ (2004/17).

11 August: Christine Ikiara (Department of Sociology, RAU) on ‘Social Dimensions of Recycling and Re-use in Johannesburg and Nairobi Cities: Institutional Reform, Participation and Equity for the Urban Poor.’ (2004/16).

30 July: Kurai Masenyama (Department of Sociology, RAU) on ‘The Influence of Local Content Regulations on “National Identity” Creation: The Case of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.’ (2004/15).

23 July: Liela Groenewald (Department of Sociology, RAU) on ‘A Match Between Race and Reason? The Influence of Demographics on an Understanding of Racism.’ Discussant: Tina Uys. (2004/14).

First semester 2004

21 May: Dr Ria Smit (Department of Sociology, RAU) on ‘Aids in the Workplace: A Case Study of Nurses in a Public Hospital.’ (2004/13).

14 May: Prof. Gay Seidman (Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison) on ‘Citizens, Markets, and Transnational Labour Activism.’ Discussant: Prof. Eddie Webster, Sociology of Work Unit, University of the Witwatersrand) (2004/12).

7 May: Prof. Janis Grobbelaar (Department of Sociology, University of Pretoria) on ‘The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Some Reflection After the Fact.’ (2004/11).

30 April: Bronwyn Dworzanowksi (Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand) on ‘Sociology, Dying and AIDS in the Developing World: Insights From the South African Hospice Care Experience.’ Discussant: Hettie Ellis (Department of Social Work). (2004/10).

23 April: Andries Bezuidenhout (Sociology of Work Unit, University of the Witwatersrand) on ‘Post-Colonial Workplace Regimes in South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.’ Discussant: Mark Bennett (2004/9).

16 April: Dr Chris Landsberg (Centre for Policy Studies) on ‘Ten Years of Democracy, the 2004 Poll and its Aftermath.’ (2004/8).

19 March: Prof. Giovanni Arrighi (Johns Hopkins University) on ‘Lineages of Empire.’ (2004/7).

12 March: Monica Hendricks (Wits School of Education) on ‘Literacy and Social Justice.’ Appendix Discussant: Dr Andrew Graham (Dept. of Curriculum Studies, RAU) (2004/6).

5 March: Prof. Fred Hendricks (Rhodes University) on ‘Does The South African Constitution Legitimise Colonial Land Alienation?’ Discussant: Naudé Malan (Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, RAU) (2004/5).

27 February: Dr Neville Bews (RAU) on ‘Social Impact Assessments, Theory andPractice Juxtaposed – Experience From a South African Rapid Rail Project.’ Discussant: Dr Vaughan Mostert (Department of Transport and Logistics Management, RAU) (2004/4).

20 February: Kurai Masenyama (RAU) on ‘The Impact of Culture on Aids Education: The Case of Fort Hare Male University Students’ Discussant: Lindsey Martin (Centre for Sociological Research, RAU). (2004/3).

13 February: Dr David Pottie (The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia) on‘Democracy Standards and International Election Observation.’ Discussant: Ebrahim Fakir (Centre for Policy Studies). (2004/2).

6 February: Prof. Jonathan Jansen (Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria) on ‘Why Some Researchers Make it, but Most Don’t.’ (2004/1).