Nadine Gordimer Conclusion

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In her lifetime,

  • Nadine was one of the founding members of the Congress of South African Writers (COSAW);
  • A member of the Anti-Censorship Action Group;
  • Her novels and short stories have been published in over forty languages;
  • Has written more than two hundred stories;
  • Her compatriots include Olive Schreiner (author), Alan Paton (author and activist) and Dan Jacobson (novelist);
  • Nadine was one of the greatest political novelists of all time.
  • Her final novel was No time like the present published in 2012 and was about the lives of veterans of apartheid as they dealt with the issues facing the new democratic country including a variety of issues in modern South Africa, including unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and corruption.

She died in her sleep on 13 July 2014 at the age of 90 years.