10. Desmond Tutu – Death

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On 26 December 2021, Tutu passed on at the age of 90. The Presidency, under the leadership of President Ramaphosa, issued an official statement on the death of Archbishop Emeritus Tutu; however, the cause of death was not disclosed.

South Africa’s spiritual father, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, hero of the anti-apartheid struggle, was laid to rest at dawn on Sunday in the Cape Town cathedral where he once preached against the brutal white minority regime.

Tutu was offered a state funeral, and he had insisted that there should be no “lavish spending” on his funeral. He wanted “the cheapest available coffin”. Family, friends, clergy and politicians were among those who gathered at St George’s Cathedral for Saturday’s service, which had limited numbers because of coronavirus restrictions. Many turned up to honour him by watching proceedings from public viewing areas, most were visibly emotional. Tutu was to be aquamated (a process using water that is described as an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation).

To read more on the statement issued by the Presidency on the Death of the Archbishop, visit the Presidency webpage.https://www.thepresidency.gov.za/press-statements/statement-passing-archbishop-emeritus-desmond-mpilo-tutu