​​​Master's and Doctoral Studies in Marketing Management

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In an
ever-increasing competitive business environment, the need to differentiate yourself has become more important than ever. As the custodian of your own personal brand, the fact that you are on this page, means you are exploring your market potential, and questioning your unique selling proposition. You have arrived at just the right page to answer that question.

Get a Master's or PhD degree to match your passion.

Enrolling for a post-graduate qualification gives you the edge and opens up a whole new world of critical thinking, questioning, learning and personal development. A PhD or Master's degree in Marketing Management may enhance your credibility in the field of Management and could allow you to distinguish yourself from others in the workplacMicrophone image UJ Marketing.pnge.   

With the UJ Department of Marketing Management being rated as the most impactful Marketing Researchers in Africa, you truly could not have arrived at a better place to enrol for a Master's or PhD degree. You are in the best hands.

The MCom in Marketing Management (Research based) and PhD (Research based) in Marketing Management qualifications offered at the Department of Marketing Management are independent research based courses that are developed by the student in conjunction with the Department.  The student selects a topic of research and in doing so increase the body of knowledge in the field of Marketing Management. Download the Master's and PhD brochure on the link below to learn more.

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Please note that applications for all three qualifications close on 31 October for admission the following year. 

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All UJ applications are done online. Review and follow steps 1 - 3 below.

            1. Click here to review the UJ application checklist of items you need to include to start the electronic                             application process. 

            2 (A) Review the APPLICATION INFORMATION in the table below and download all the documents.

               2.1 The application procedure checklist outlines all the documents that need to be submitted with your 
               application and the application selection flow process document explains the flow of the entire
               application process. On the application process flow document you will see that IN ADDITION to submitting
               the documents online, you also need to email a copy of all these documents to mornayrl@uj.ac.za.  A
               rigorous application process is followed to qualify prospective students for these prestigious programmes                     - your application will therefore unfortunately not be processed if ALL documents are not correctly
               2.2 If you are an international student - kindly download and review the International students application                   procedure document.

             3 (B) Review the ACADEMIC RELATED INFORMATION in the table below and download all the documents.                  These documents serve to provide you with guidance on how to write your proposal, outlines dissertation                      guidelines, indicates the topics currently under supervision by the Department's staff, the staff specialisation                areas and examples of dissertations and academic articles.

 Need help? Contact Prof Mornay Roberts-Lombard at mornayrl@uj.ac.za   

2 (A) Application information
UJ Marketing M and D studies Application procedure for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                                                     
                                                                      3 (B) Academic related information
UJ Marketing M and D studies SHORT RESEARCH PROPOSAL GUIDE (5 pages)
UJ Marketing M and D studies RESEARCH PROPOSAL GUIDE
UJ Marketing M and D studies RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORMATTING instructions

UJ Marketing An example of a full Master's Degree proposal

UJ Marketing A second example of a Master's Degree proposal

UJ Marketing An example of a full PhD proposal

UJ Marketing A second example of a PhD proposal

A second type of Master's qualification is available - MODULAR-based:

UJ Marketing_African pattern.png