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Zibonele F. Zimba

Associate Professor
Name: Zibonele France Zimba
Location: ACB216 Soweto Campus Soweto Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 5096


About Prof Zibonele F. Zimba

Zibonele holds a PhD in Social work. He teaches theories, models, and perspectives in community development in the first year of the BCDL and teaches ethics in social work in the third year. Zibonele coordinates CDL master’s internship.  He further supervises post-graduate research students.

His research agenda currently focuses on cultural practices with implications in social work, critical and radical social work, social work education and technologies, and social work with disabilities. He has published in both national and international accredited journals. He received the Association of South African Social Work Higher Education Institutions (ASASWEI) Emerging Educator of the Year Award in 2021. He is a Y2 NRF-rated researcher (2023-2028). To view his recent publications, visit

Find him on X: @DrZibonele