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Providing assistance in Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation.

All inventions start with an innovative idea, inspired by the desire to find a solution to a problem. This inspiration can come from anywhere and can relate to any industry or field of expertise, whether you are in science, engineering, the arts, design, architecture, humanities, management, finances, economics, business, health sciences, ICT, education, law, the list goes on.

The University of Johannesburg’s Technology Transfer Office (UJTTO) is positioned to assist with the protection of these ideas where warranted, and to seek market entry. This function is achieved through support given to University-based inventors, on aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) management, which ranges from IP identification and disclosure, IP protection, IP strategy development and implementation, as well as the commercialisation of products, processes and services through avenues such as licenses and/or the creation of start-up companies.