Alongside our services, the UJTTO also offer a range of resources that support inventors and entrepreneurs on their commercialisation journey. For more information on these opportunities, please contact the UJTTO.

  1. Funding Programs

A number of funding programs in the pursuit of technology transfer objectives and entrepreneurship development are available. One of these include:

  • Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Seed Fund

The UJTTO is the custodian and implementing partner of the TIA HEI Seed Fund. Funding is available on a competitive basis at the University of Johannesburg that meet defined criteria. The objective of participation by the university is to inject seed capital into qualifying projects over a limited period, that lend themselves to commericalisation, or follow-on funding from TIA’s Technology Development Fund. The fund and its governance is managed by a University-constituted TIA Seed Fund Management Committee (SFMC), and abides by policies of the University, including the IP Management and Commercialisation Policy.

The application process is in response to calls issued by TIA. The UJTTO will distribute the call internally and will invite applications. Applications are screened by the UJTTO and where required, support is given to applicants to improve their applications. Applications for funding are recommended to the SFMC, which will then select applications to be recommended to TIA. The decision to fud recommendation s at the discretion of TIA. Successful applicants are notified via the UJTTO, and the conditions of funding are reduced to writing in the form of a Recipient Funding Agreement which is signed between he authorized signatory at the University Faculty and the UJTTO. Funding is disbursed according to an approved project plan and budget. Quarterly reports are requested and received and are evaluated by the UJTTO and the SFMC.

  1. Incubation Support and Programs
  2. Inventor Handbook Guide
  3. Competition opportunities
  4. Collaboration Opportunities