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Building/construction material using waste plastic

Building Or Construction Material Using Waste Plastic

Title: A method for producing a building/construction material using waste plastic

Description: The invention uses plastic waste and Waste Foundry Sand (WFS) to produce building and construction material. The plastic is melted and WFS is used to produce a paste for moulding of building material. Read more

3D Print Food

Image 2 3d Print Food

Title: 3D Printing of Food Snacks

Description: The present invention relates to a food ink for use in a 3D printing process for the manufacture of food items. The invention further relates to a 3D printing process for the manufacture of food items from such a food ink using extrusion-based printing techniques. Read more

3 – AMD

Image 3 Amd

Title: Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)

Description: Using a metallurgical waste product, the invention consists of a method to treat acidic water from mining sites. The treated water can be used for industrial application or with additional steps be treated for potable usage. Read more

Carbon enrichment through Foliar Spray

Image 4 – Carbon Enrichment Through Foliar Spray

Title: Carbon Enrichment through Foliar Spray

Description: The invention relates to an apparatus for applying foliar spray and more specifically, but not exclusively, to an apparatus for applying a carbon rich foliar spray. The apparatus includes means for supplying water to the apparatus. The supply means is in a form of a water tank with pipe extending from the tank, through reverse osmosis water filtration unit, pump and valve. Read More


Image 5 – Educational Blocks

Title: Educational Blocks

Description: A set of language-based building blocks that focus on supporting the fundamentals of language learning in the Foundation Phase. This open-ended resource consists of building blocks of various sizes that depict images, single letters and letter combinations, which can be adapted to different levels and learning contexts in a variety of ways. The product incorporates vocabulary building and phonemic development. Read more


Image 6 – Minpet

Title: MinPET Diamond Detection Technology

Description: A new technology that provides the first ever high-throughput 3D imaging of locked diamonds within kimberlite rocks. Locked diamonds of up to 10cm in diameter can now be located within rocks before the crushing process begins. Read More

Image 7 – Mobile Testing Lab

Title: UbuntuBlu Mobile Testing Lab

Description: UbuntuBlu is a mobile testing laboratory that is able to conduct on site standard physic-chemical, basic microbiological and chemical analysis as required by the South African National Standard for drinking water quality. This mobile laboratory is designed to be transported to affected areas and analyse samples on site. Read More

Mobile Testing Lab

Image 8 – Nula

Title: Nula – Reusable Sanitary Pad

Description: A reusable sanitary pad that is uniquely designed to collect, retain and dispose of menstrual fluid. The reusable pad is used externally, it is hygienic and easy to clean. Read more


Image 9 – Opart Spectacle Hinge

Title: Opart – Unique hinging mechanism for eyewear

Description: The invention consists of a unique hinge mechanism as an alternative to existing spectacle hinge configurations. This mechanism facilitates customisation of spectacle frames while also reducing costs associated with customisation. Read more

Opart Spectacle Hinge

Image 10 – Scopolamine

Title: A method of producing Scopolamine rich extract

Description: A method of extracting scopolamine rich extracts from local indigenous plant material. Scopolamine is a pharmaceutical ingredient used in treatment of nausea, motion sickness, vomiting and ophthalmic procedures. Read more


Image 11 – Rapid Screening Of Barley

Title: Rapid Screening of Barley

Description: A method of rapidly determining germination energy in harvested Barley. The technology presents a disposable pregnancy-test-type format that is fast and ideal for on site testing. Read More

Rapid Screening of Barley

9ty Liner Pen

Image 12 9ty Liner Pen

Title: 9ty Liner Pen

Description: 9ty (pronounced ninety) LINER is a sustainable and ergonomic refillable writing instrument that comprises of four components for easy recyclability. This unique design promotes reduction on material wastage that existing pens lack due to their manufacturing processes. Read more

Composite Material

Image 13 – Composite Material

Title: Composite Material

Description: This invention relates to a composite material comprising natural products and a method to prepare the composite material. The invention further relates to a method of manufacturing an article, for example an article of furniture or a building element, using the composite material of the invention. Read more

Culverture Housing Arrangement

Image 14 – Culverture Housing Arrangement

Title: Culverture Housing Arrangement

Description: An alternative construction technology for buildings, especially for affordable
developments. This invention explores prefabricated structural systems, which work as an alternative to the labour-intensive in-situ construction methodologies predominant in South Africa. The project explores the adaptation of ‘shop-bought’, readily-available infrastructural prefabricated concrete culvert systems originally designed for bulk water infrastructure as habitable living spaces. Read more


Image 15 – Makea…

Title: MakeA…

Description: A cost-effective kit that allows learners to create functional, durable solutions to make everyday items, such as a computer mouse. The kit consists of necessary construction components and corresponding coding instructions. Read more

Image 16 – Portable Wheelchair Rollers

Title: Portable Wheelchair Rollers

Description: A portable training apparatus for wheelchair bound individuals/athletes (paraplegics). The latest software and program applications allow athletes to “map” a particular race’s route and train adequately. Resistance (on the rollers) can be set for uphill, level or downhill training purposes, and for times to be achieved over a set distance/period. Read more