UJ Research Development and Support

The Research Development and Support Division strives to strengthen UJ’s position as a research-intensive university with regional and global reach, and is central to advancing the University’s Strategic Objective 1: Excellence in Research and Innovation.

Through engagement with internal and external stakeholders, the division aligns research interests and expertise with institutional and national priorities.

The Division is led by the Executive Director who reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation, and is comprised of the following teams: Research Administration; Research Intelligence; Strategic Research Support; and Technology Transfer Office.

Research Administration

Submit research publications (accredited and peer-reviewed research journal articles; and peer-reviewed books, book chapters and conference proceedings) for the DHET subsidy via the OROSS tool.

2023 DHET Accredited Journals list

Access the DHET list here

Contact Research Administration

Contact Research Administration within the UJ Research Development and Support Division with queries.

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Research Intelligence

The Research Intelligence unit compiles and analyses bibliometric and other research performance data to support evidence-based decision making.

The units supports UJ’s annual research output submission to the Department of Higher Education and Training.

It also tracks and benchmarks key research performance indicators, and manages the institution’s research information and intelligence systems.

Contact Research Intelligence

Contact Research Intelligence within the UJ Research Development and Support Division.

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Strategic Research Support

UJ Strategic Research Support guides researchers through their NRF (National Research Foundation) rating applications.

The Research Development and Support Division also facilitates funding opportunities for researchers.

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NRF Funding

Open Funding Calls

Funding calls are emailed to all UJ researchers when open.

See the announcement for the 2023-2024 NRF One funding call

Technology Transfer Office

All inventions start with innovative ideas to solve problems.

The University of Johannesburg’s Technology Transfer Office (UJTTO) assists with the protection of these ideas where warranted, and to seek market entry.

The UJTTO supports university-based inventors on aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) management, which ranges from IP identification and disclosure, IP protection, and IP strategy development and implementation.

Support includes commercialisation of products, processes and services through avenues such as licenses and/or the creation of start-up companies.

Contact Research Intelligence

Contact the Technology Transfer Office within the UJ Research Development and Support Division.

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UJ Research Development and Support Annual Report

The UJ Research Development and Support Division produces an annual report.

See the 2022 report here

See the 2021 report here

See annual reports 2005 to 2022 here

Researcher Incentives and Development

Incentives for researchers take the form of annual awards and incentive schemes.

A development grant and a leadership programme are available to qualifying researchers.

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