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Name: Tina Uys
Location: C Ring 631 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, Rated Researchers  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2885


About Prof Tina Uys


Prof Tina Uys, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg, has held the position of Head of Department for 15 years and is a certified Clinical Sociologist with the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology. Recently appointed to the United Nations Independent System-Wide Evaluation Mechanism (UNISWEM) Global Panel of Advisors, she also served as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at George Washington University and the University of Cincinnati in 2013. Prof Uys has held numerous leadership positions in the sociological community, including Vice-President of the International Sociological Association, past President of ISA’s Clinical Sociology and Social Psychology divisions, and former President of the South African Sociological Association. Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Board of the Whistleblowing Canada Research Society and has authored or edited over 50 publications, with her most recent work, “Whistleblowing and the Sociological Imagination,” published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2022. Prof Uys is rated as an Internationally Recognized Researcher (B3) by the South African National Research Foundation, and specialises in the field of clinical sociology with a specific focus on advancing the sociological understanding of whistleblowing.


  • D Litt et Phil in Sociology, RAU,
  • Diploma in Datametrics, Unisa
  • MA Sociology, RAU
  • BA.Hons Sociology, RAU
  • BA Communication, RAU

Research interests

  • Clinical sociology focusing on whistleblowing
  • Corruption
  • Contested identities in student communities
  • South African sociology.

Selected publications

Uys, T. 2022. Whistleblowing and the Sociological Imagination. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Uys, T. 2022. The Elusive Rainbow Nation: Building an Inclusive Community in Post-Apartheid South Africa. In Community Intervention: Clinical Sociology Perspectives edited by Jan Fritz and Jacques Rhéaume. New York: Springer. Doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-93695-2_16

Uys, T. 2021. The Emergence of Clinical Sociology in South Africa in Fritz, J (ed), International Clinical Sociology. New York: Springer. Pp 109-127. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-54584-0_7

Uys, T. & Fritz, J. (editors) 2020. Clinical Sociology for Southern Africa. Cape Town: Juta. Uys, T. 2019. “Whistleblowing and Social Justice: The Influence of Ubuntu on Whistleblowing Intentions.” In Sociology and Social Justice edited by Margaret Abraham. London: Sage.

Uys, T. 2019. “Whistleblowing and Social Justice: The Influence of Ubuntu on Whistleblowing Intentions.” In Sociology and Social Justice edited by Margaret Abraham. London: Sage.

Uys, T. and Smit, R. 2016. “Resilience and whistleblowers: Coping with the consequences”.South African Review of Sociology, 47(4): 60-79.

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Uys, T. 2014. “Riding off into the sunset? Establishing an inclusive post-apartheid South African community”. In Fritz, J.M. and Rheaume, J. (eds.). Community intervention: Clinical sociology perspective. New York: Springer.

Uys, T & Patel, S (eds). 2012. Exclusion, Social Capital and Citizenship: Contested Transitions in South Africa and India. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan.