Emergency Medical Care

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​​​​​​​​​Department of Emergency Medical Care


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An Emergency Medical Care Practitioner treats patients that need urgent medical care by performing advanced pre-hospital medical procedures.

Practitioners are also trained to handle technical rescue operations such as extrication, water rescue and search and rescue.

Emergency Medical Care Practitioners are independent practitioners and are re​gistered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. In order to become a Health Professions Council registered Emergency Care Practitioner, you will have to complete a four year, Bachelors Degree in Emergency Medical Care.​


Postgraduate Programmes

The Department has established research focus areas in order to begin to develop research in line with a longer term strategy incorporating the development of existing research capabilities within the Department and research funding. It is the Department’s intention that no more than 30% of the research carried out at Master’s level from 2016 and undergraduate level from 2017 should lie outside of the research focus areas.

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