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Disability Services

Disability Services 

Overview of Disability Services 

Disability Services operates within the Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) and provides support to students with disabilities within the university. Support services include providing advice and facilitating academic accommodations, in collaborative partnerships with students' university lecturers, departments and faculty.

We consist of a team of professionals who provide the following support to students with disabilities:

  • Confidential consultation sessions;
  • Concession (e.g. extra-time, use of assistive devices, venues, etc.) application for tests/exams;
  • Test and exam arrangements;
  • Training, assistance and advice regarding assistive hardware and software;
  • Assistive devices and technology at PsyCaD offices and in the libraries;
  • Working with lecturers, residence, campus health, etc. to best support these students;
  • Support with Disability bursary applications;
  • Access to study material in alternative formats (braille, audio, electronic text); and
  • Support with accessible transport between campuses, residences and lectures.
For more information on the above points and how we can support you, please see our tip sheets below:

Concession Applications 

In accordance with the Constitution, the UJ Policy on Disability, and supporting education legislation, students with certain permanent and temporary disabilities may apply for reasonable accommodations or concessions. These accommodations are granted to enable candidates with specific disabilities to demonstrate their true ability without changing the construct of the assessment, and should not give the student an advantage over other candidates.

The grounds for applying for concessions are:

  • A physical/sensory/neurological disability: a disability that seriously impedes a student's ability to read or write at the same speed/level as their peers. 
  • A specific learning disability: a disability that affects one or more of the basic processes involved in the use of written or spoken language in a manner that constitutes a significant impairment of that function.

Students wishing to apply for concessional support must register with Disability Unit. More information about the process and documents can be found here.  

  • Click here for the concession application form
  • Enquiries can be forwarded to the Disability Services professional at 


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides bursaries for students with disabilities. This bursary programme is aimed at providing financial support for students with disabilities who are academically able and need financial support. It is intended to open opportunities for study in further and higher education and to provide the necessary additional teaching and learning support for students to overcome any barriers to learning when trying to access the curriculum.



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