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The PsyCaD Career Services Unit provides a range of career development and graduate recruitment services that support students in their career planning and transition to the workplace upon graduation. The career guidance, assessment, mentoring and counselling programme interventions offered by the Unit span a diverse range of career development support modalities and approaches, ranging from career guidance programmes, designed to assist learners and prospective students to explore career and study options in the Career Resource Centre as well as through online applications, quality career assessment and counselling interventions for individual prospective students, current students and adults in career transition.

Psycad Services To Clients
The Career Services Unit provides services to a range of clients:
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We view career development as a lifelong activity, and engage with our clients in a comprehensive manner in order to contribute to their career development by providing the following services and programmes:

  • Career Counselling and Career Assessments.
  • Careers Work-Readiness Programme and Student Employability Skills Programme to assist students in gaining job skills and driving employability.
  • Career Resource Centres (CRCs) on each of the four campuses.
  • Online Technologies and Innovation: Job Portal offers a range of online graduate opportunities to potential employers.
  • The Graduate Recruitment Programme to facilitate the recruitment of UJ students and graduates. Click here to view the Services to Employers and the Rate Card PDF’s
  • Employer Relations Programme. To strengthen partnerships with recruiting employers.

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