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BSc Hons Informatation Technology (B2010Q)

This is the Academy's Flagship degree. After completion of the BSc Hons (Information Technology) degree students will fully comply with the educational component to register as Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) with the BCS. Entrance into this degree requires completion of one of the Academy's accredited undergraduate degrees (B2I01Q, B2I02Q, or B2E01Q).

This degree consists of SEVEN semester modules AND a compulsory practical year project.

Rules of Access:      

  • B2I01Q, B2I02Q, or B2E01Q
  • A pass mark of at least 60% in Computer Science or Informatics in the final year.
  • Passing of a compulsory entrance examination.

The following core semester module is compulsory: 

  • Ethical and legal aspects of IT.

The body of knowledge within the BSc Honours degree in Information Technology encompasses/overlaps the following major areas as constituted by the lectured semester modules which include:

Elective semester modules are described in the Elective semester modules are described in the Elective semester modules are described in the Elective semester modules are described in the Faculty of Science AP​​K Yearbook​.

The scope of the compulsory practical year project is a minimum of 200 hours. The year project spans two consecutive semester courses.  The continuation of the project in the second semester is dependent on satisfactory progress during the first semester.  The project must be developed strictly according to the project development methodology as prescribed by the Academy for Information Technology. 

The project development methodology subscribes to the software engineering systems life cycle as endorsed by the BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS). The following phases are differentiated:

  • Business modeling
  • Requirements elicitatio
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation (Deployment)

Relevant deliverables to support each stage cons​titutes:

  • Draft proposal
  • Project proposal deliverable
  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Detailed design review
  • Deployment and Prototype System
  • Development of alpha version
  • Development of beta version
  • Critique of the project
  • Demonstration of final fully operational system and final project document

The above is in line with the threshold benchmarks pertaining to system development as set by the BCS. The above is in line with the modal benchmarks pertaining to the body of knowledge as set by the BCS. 

With special permission semester modules from related subject areas may replace one or two lectured modules.

The content of the lectured modules is determined annually by the Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering. The content is not included in the regulation book, but may be obtained from the Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

A student may be de-registered upon failure of their third module.

Please take note that only a limited number of students will be allowed to register for some of the courses.