Course Background

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Are you contemplating your career choices? Well, consider Information Technology. You ask why? Our benefits do not provide only for a successful future; everything we do is spot-on in all respects. Use the navigation menu on the top to view our selection of courses.

Many points in your favor

It’s about more than simply keeping up, it’s about remaining ahead. It is our vision to be the best Information Technology department in the country and in the world – an objective that we are achieving at many levels.

Using companies as our yardstick

One of the secrets of our success is the excellent balance between outstanding academic quality and sustained interaction with the private sector. This means we know exactly what the private sector is looking for – and we equip our students with the necessary requirements. We also have excellent relations with large companies, such as Standard Bank, Microsoft, IBM, Entelect, Juniper, DVT, and more!

The postgraduate advantage

At postgraduate level, we are probably the most active university in the country. Our honours programme is presented full-time and part-time in a particular and enforceable manner.

The after-hours advantage

In addition to our degree training, we present an outstanding, extensive extracurricular program. This programme is already renowned for its excellent quality, and one of the programmes – the In addition to our degree training, we present an outstanding, extensive extracurricular program.

The difference between Computer Science & Informatics

  • The theory… Computer Science deals with the development of information technology. In brief, because the emphasis is on technical aspects, such as operating systems, at the end of the course you will know exactly how a computer works – inside out, from A-Z, from point to point.
  • The practice… In contrast, Informatics, focuses on practical computer skills and the effective application of information technology. Therefore, if you choose Informatics as a major, you will know exactly how to use your computer to solve problems. However, you need not necessarily know how everything fits together technically.
  • The management… IT management looks at the non-technical side of IT. Doing this course will enable you to one day manage the IT infrastructure within and organisation. IT has become a business enabler and this course will teach you how business can better use IT.

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