Nursing Sciences


Caring is a pivotal part of Nursing and the core of teaching, practice and research. The department offers a four year Bachelor in Nursing Science and Midwifery at undergraduate level. The department offers evidence-based courses such as Further National Higher Diploma's  (Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science,Occupational Health Nursing) and postgraduate degrees. Teaching and learning in the Department of Nursing is aligned to 'take the learning' to the learner in the most suitable made of presentation being aligned with the latest technology, education, nursing and research. Student support and successful attainment is an important aspect to the Department of Nursing. 

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The Department of Nursing Sciences is proud to present the programmes that are described on this website. Our guarantee of academic quality lies in the fact that the academics of the University of Johannesburg constantly develop and upgrade every programme. The Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing Sciences, of which this Department is part, also strives to give excellent service to every student.

The University of Johannesburg would like to make a significant contribution to the development of all South Africans. Research is constantly being carried out into the most suitable mode of presentation for every course. We use multi-mode programme presentation so as to optomise the teaching and learning process in a manner that can be to your advantage. Furthermore, you can rely on a strong system of student support that includes study letters, workshops, contact sessions, phone-in afternoons and technological support.
The Department of Nursing Sciences trusts that your studies will be pleasant and rewarding. Feel free to contact the Department about any aspect of your studies – we will gladly assist you.