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The Department of Nursing is the owner of an accredited, interdisciplinary journal: Health SA Gesondheid.

Health SA Gesondheid – Journal of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences is an open access, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and interprofessional scholarly journal that aims to promote communication, collaboration and teamwork between professions and disciplines within the health sciences to address problems that cross and affect disciplinary boundaries.

The journal publishes original articles on issues related to public health, including implications for practical applications and service delivery that are of concern and relevance to Africa and other developing countries. It facilitates the gathering and critical testing of insights and viewpoints on knowledge from different disciplines involved in health service delivery.

The journal offers the breadth of outlook required to promote health science education, research and professional practice. The journal with its interdisciplinary scope attracts interest from a wide audience of scientists and health professionals working in the areas of health care management, health care economics, policy making, nursing, psychology, sociology, ethics and education.


The Department host the Annual Research Forum as a yearly event.

The event is attended by colleagues from across Southern Africa as well as students working on their master’s and doctoral studies. The morning session will be a discussion about the newest developments in health science research. In the mid-morning and afternoon session different speakers will be presenting their research.


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