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The Department of Nursing offers evidence-based courses at basic, post-basic, and postgraduate level. Caring is a pivotal part of Nursing and the core of teaching, practice and research. The Department is a brand name making inroads in the market place, public and private health institutions in providing most wanted graduates.

Teaching and learning in the Department of Nursing is aligned to ‘take the learning’ to the learner in the most suitable made of presentation being aligned with the latest technology, education, nursing and research. Student support and successful attainment is an important aspect to the Department of Nursing.

Teaching and learning to occur aligned with the challenges of the 21st century and linked to the professional diversity of care and practices of best evidence. A commitment to teach using learning and teaching that is supported by technology and to ensure outstanding achievements for the diverse student population attracted to be the new generation of professional nurses in the world of caring.

Our Values

  • Promotion of excellence in teaching and learning in all aspects of caring and nursing
  • Promotion of practice in sound evidence-based caring and nursing principles.
  • Working towards the ultimate achievement of university values of imagination, conversation, regeneration and ethical foundation and objectives as a critical entity to attain standards of teaching, learning, practice and research.